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How do I Choose the Best Print Management System?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor

For a business of any size, choosing a print management system is often a matter of deciding the scope and frequency of your printing needs. Just as a business may need different vendors based on the type of products or services offered, a print management system can vary greatly. Typically, a business will need to do some printing in-house or outsource to a larger printing service based on need or projects to be completed, so it is something that can be determined on a continual basis.

Choosing the right solution for your print management needs can greatly depend on the amount of printing to be done at your company on a regular basis. If you find that you are spending a good amount of time and money on print supplies or are making frequent trips to the office supply store and want to cut back, then you may want to consider implementing a lower cost print management system. This can be accomplished by researching the different types of printer systems and services available for a business of your type.

A printer.
A printer.

Small companies can choose outsourcing as a means to manage their larger print projects. While an in-house print network works well for everyday printing needs of staff, when a larger job is being managed, it is often more economically realistic to let a print shop handle the work. The advantage of an outsource relationship for managing printing is that it also saves time and helps your business to meet important deadlines.

Large companies with bigger budgets can create internal print management systems which can be managed in one central area within a corporate office building. When a large print job is needed, this work can be handled by an in-house print manager who will oversee the work and make sure it is of superior standards. Managing print jobs in this manner cuts down on costly waste of paper, ink and time.

Another way that you can choose the best print management system for your company is to consider the benefits of using an online print and marketing service. This can be used in combination with an in-house system whereby some of the work can be outsourced to a print company and then shipped to other locations as needed. For example, many companies use a special print service to create marketing materials which can be sent directly to off-site conferences or to clients on demand.

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    • A printer.
      A printer.