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How do I Choose the Best Quad Band Mini Phone?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A quad band mini cell phone is a mini cell phone that can operate on four frequency bands. It is marketed as being smaller and lighter than the average cell phone. These types of phones appeal to people who have mobile lifestyles and who want a highly portable device that can work in many locations. Choosing the best quad band mini cell phone will depend mostly on which features you want, because some features are available only in certain phones.

Quad band cell phones work on the 850 megahertz (MHz), 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies. As a general rule, the 850 and 1900 MHz bands provide service in North and South America, and the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands make a phone functional in Europe and Asia. Quad band phones differ from tri band and dual band phones in that they theoretically can provide service anywhere in the world where they can get reception. Tri band and dual band phones are restricted to providing service where those three or two frequency bands, respectively, are used.

SIM cards for a quad band mini phone.
SIM cards for a quad band mini phone.

When choosing a quad band mini phone, you should verify that the phone does, in fact, operate on all four frequency bands. Selecting a phone that operates on fewer than the four possible frequency bands can result in service interruptions. Its use also can be limited to specific regions.

It's also important to determine which phone features are the most important to you. You should determine which features you will use most so that you can ensure that those activities are compatible with the mini phone. A quad band mini phone's size is reduced, so the number of complex features it boasts might be limited. For instance, checking email several times a day can be difficult on a mini phone, because its screen likely is small.

A quad band mini phone can come with dual Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card capability, Bluetooth® or a QWERTY keyboard, but not all mini cell phones will offer these features. It's not uncommon to come across a phone like this that has been stripped down to its essentials, offering only basic features such as calling and texting capabilities. Others can have advanced technological features such as touch screens.

If you want to maximize your options, look into purchasing an unlocked quad band phone. Unlocked phones are ones that are capable of being used with any cellular service provider, and they usually are sold privately. Your selection of phones can be increased by choosing to use an unlocked phone.

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@ddljohn-- It should work. I took mine to Australia and it worked there. But it has to be a GSM mobile phone and unlocked, meaning that it will work with more than one service provider. Locked phones only work with the network that it comes with.

If it's unlocked, you can just get a SIM card from a service provider in France and use the phone there.


I'm planning on getting a quadband mini phone before I go to Europe. I will be living in France for two years. It will work there right?


I love quad band mini mobile phones. I got one because I travel a lot and wanted something small and lightweight. But I still needed something high-quality with good download speed and image quality. Quad band mini phones are perfect for this.

The only issue I have with it is that mine needs more frequent battery charge-ups than I expected. My old phone would last me three days and this one needs to be re-charged every day. I guess when the phone is small, the battery is small too.

If anyone is planning on getting one, make sure you're happy with the battery life.

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    • SIM cards for a quad band mini phone.
      By: Scanrail
      SIM cards for a quad band mini phone.