What is a Cell Phone Amplifier?

Victoria Blackburn

A cell phone amplifier is an electronic device that has been designed to increase the signal strength for a cell phone. Cell phone amplifiers are particularly useful for those people who live or work outside the range of cell phone tower, or for people who travel a lot. Not only do cell phone amplifiers increase the signal being received, but they also increase the strength of the signal being sent from the cell phone. Increasing the cellular signal will result in less dropped calls and the elimination of dead zones for cell phone use.

A GSM cell phone.
A GSM cell phone.

Basically, a cell phone amplifier works in the same way that an antenna does for a radio or television signal. The cell phone amplifier, or booster, receives the cellular signal and then increases it so that the range of the signal is expanded. Some manufacturers claim to be able to boost cellular signals up to five times what is currently being received. Most of the time, the signal will only be increased by one or two bars though.

Cell phone amplifiers can help when someone is outside a cell phone tower area.
Cell phone amplifiers can help when someone is outside a cell phone tower area.

There are two different types of cell phone amplifiers that will suit different users. One is a mobile cell phone amplifier and the other is made to be used in only one place. The mobile cell phone amplifier is meant to be used in more than one location. This type of amplifier is often called a cell phone antenna and is ideal for people who travel a lot, either for work or pleasure.

There are also different types of mobile cell phone amplifiers. The difference lies in the size of the antenna and the strength of the signal boosting power. There are cell phone antennas available to connect directly to a cell phone. Most cell phones have an antenna port where the antenna can plug in, although it may be covered.

The other option for a mobile cell phone amplifier is to get a kit that affixes to your vehicle. In this case, an antenna is affixed to the vehicle and then wired into an amplifier found within the vehicle. The antenna can be attached to the vehicle using the hole for the original antenna or a professional can install it. This is a particularly good choice for someone who is on the road a great deal of time.

The stationary cell phone amplifiers are meant to be used in only one location. These are recommended for use in homes or offices where the signal strength is very weak, or being blocked by the building itself. This type of amplifier receives the current cellular signal and then increases it so that it covers a further 1,000 to 2,000 square feet.

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@Terrificli -- I am willing to bet there is somewhere in that state of yours that is outside of the range of a cell phone tower. If you have a cell phone amplifier, you might be able to keep using your cell phone even if you are out of range. If you do not have one, then you will be out of luck when you go out of range.

I had thought that I was in a state with border to border cell phone coverage, too. I found out how wrong I was a couple of weeks ago while driving on a state highway on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. I lost my cell phone signal and that means I also lost my onboard navigation on my phone. Man, I was regretting not having a cell signal booster during that trip.


Do people really need a cell phone signal booster these days? I can understand how one would have been necessary back when you couldn't throw a rock without hitting five cell phone towers, but we are clearly passed those days.

I don't live in the most urban state in American, and even I don't worry about being out of cell range when traveling to various parts of my state.

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