What are Cell Phone Charms?

G. Wiesen

Cell phone charms are small items, similar in size and appearance to jewelry worn on a charm bracelet, that are meant to adorn or decorate a cell phone. These can vary in appearance and function from utilitarian and practical items to charms meant merely as ornamentation. They can include items with celebrity images, animation and video game characters, miniaturized real world items, and just about anything else that someone can imagine. Cell phone charms, especially among younger people, can be used to demonstrate interest in a particular subject, movie, or pop cultural phenomenon in an external way.

Cell phone charms are popular with younger users as a way to personalize their device.
Cell phone charms are popular with younger users as a way to personalize their device.

With a wide range of prices, and made from various materials, cell phone charms can be found to match just about every personality and interest. Such pieces of cell phone jewelry are manufactured all over the world by a wide variety of companies and can represent the interests and preferences of just about every culture in the world. These charms can be everything from elaborate woven designs that resemble the intricate work of handmade tapestries and blankets to commercially manufactured pieces of plastic that are made hundreds at a time in a factory.

Cell phone charms might convey different emotions and personalities.
Cell phone charms might convey different emotions and personalities.

Small playing cards and dice could be an ideal charm for a professional gambler or someone who loves the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. Cartoon characters from every decade of the last 60 years might make ideal cell phone charms for an avid animation fan. Characters, props, and references to popular video games could similarly identify a fan of recent interactive media.

Cell phone charms can also serve a more practical and imminently useful function as well. From key chains to small flashlights, tools of every kind can be found and subsequently attached to a person’s cell phone. Tiny screwdrivers, wrenches, and even hammers might be used to identify a person’s cell phone as belonging to a construction worker, handyman, or carpenter. These sorts of more practical charms may not be used in daily activities, but as emergency backups or simply to identify someone’s preferences in work and leisure.

Less pragmatic but similarly constructed objects can also be found. Ironic cell phone charms such as a second tiny phone dangling from a chain or a small reconstruction of an older mobile phone can be found dangling from a person’s phone. Other more bizarre or esoteric items can also be found as cell phone charms. Miniaturized ninja weapons, tiny fully functioning board games, and even small plastic representations of food are all made into cell phone decorations.

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@julies - That is good information to know. I have often admired the cute cell phone charms I have seen others use, and wondered how to attach one to my phone.

I like to personalize my cell phone and would love to use different charms to express myself. One of my friends has a rhinestone cell phone charm that is really pretty, and you have no trouble knowing which phone is hers.

There are a lot of styles of charms available to choose from. If I start using cell phone charms, I can see that I would like to change them often, and have a lot of different charms to choose from.


@honeybees - I was always told not to attach a cell phone cell phone accessories charm to the antenna. They said this could interfere with reception, or it could get caught on something and break the antenna.

Because of that I will use a cell phone charm strap that a connect through the slit in my phone where I can connect a neck or wrist strap.

If your phone doesn't have this slit, you can also buy a cell phone charm attachment button. You can usually find these where they sell cell phone charms.


I have only had one cell phone jewelry charm. This charm was a pink breast cancer awareness charm that I received when I participated in a breast cancer walk.

This was several years ago, and I attached this charm to the antenna on my cell phone. When I got a new phone, it didn't have an antenna, so I don't use the charm anymore.

I enjoyed having a little charm on my cell phone, and thought it added a special touch. Ever since that first charm, I haven't had a phone with an antenna like that where I could attach one.

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