How do I Choose the Best SIM Editor?

S. Gonzales

A subscriber identity module (SIM) editor is a application or program that allows a user to access the information on his SIM card. The information can then be modified to the SIM card owner's liking. When choosing the best SIM editor program for their needs, users should keep their SIM card type, the type of information they want to edit, the editor's backup capabilities and the editor's extra functions in mind.

A closeup view of a SIM card.
A closeup view of a SIM card.

Users should first identify their type of SIM card. Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), Nextel and 3G SIM cards are all different types of SIM cards and not every SIM card will work with a particular SIM editor. Users should ensure that their SIM cards are compatible with a SIM editor before a purchase.

Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use.
Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use.

Those interested in buying a SIM editor should verify that the information they desire to edit is modifiable using the SIM card editor. While contacts and phonebook entries are most often accessed and edited, text and Short Message Service (SMS) archives, recently dialed phone numbers and other related phone data may also be able to be modified. Even SIM security and Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes can be updated or changed using an editor. Similarly, if a user wants to block or unblock a SIM card, he will have to look for an editor that is capable of functioning in that capacity.

Consumers should also examine the SIM editor's other functions. Many consumers buy a SIM card editor to extract SIM card contents and upload them to another device or application. For example, some SIM editors allow users to export SIM data contents into a CVS file and load them into Eudora®, Outlook®, Lotus Notes® or a PIM application like Palm® Desktop. This allows for a synchronization of information between two devices and applications.

A good SIM editor will contain features that allow a user to easily back up his SIM card's contents. Since losing or damaging SIM cards is a common occurrence, users would do well to choose a SIM editor that allows them to download their SIM card's contents as a data file for retrieval and restoration processes. At the very least, the program should let users print out hard copies of the SIM card's contents for personal records.

Users may also consider looking for an editor that is capable of directly transferring SIM card contents onto another card. This feature can come in handy for cell phone owners who use dual SIM card phones. It may also appeal to those users who simply want to have a backup SIM card ready in case their primary SIM card is ever lost or damaged.

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