How do I Convert AVI to RMVB?

Converting AVI to RMVB is a straightforward process with the right software. Choose a reliable video converter that supports both formats, upload your AVI file, select RMVB as the output, and start the conversion. Quality settings can be adjusted for your needs. Curious about optimizing video quality and compression? Discover the best practices in our comprehensive guide.
I. Ong
I. Ong

If you wish to convert an Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file to a RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB) file, this can be easily done with the use of a downloaded program. There are many programs that can convert files from one format to another, and some are available for free. Most of the programs that will convert AVI to RMVB require only a few simple steps to convert a file. It also is important to know the pros and cons of converting AVI to RMVB before doing so.

AVI is a common format for digital videos and was first introduced in 1992. It is considered an older brother to many other formats, but it is not necessarily outdated. It has superior video quality and is a favorite for backing up digital versatile discs (DVDs). The drawback to AVI files is that their large size makes them less then ideal for sharing online, because larger files take a longer time to upload.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

RMVB is a newer video format created specifically to meet the demands of online streaming. RMVB files possess a file size about half that of AVI files, and they can be streamed in real time. Some picture quality is lost, however, in exchange for this efficiency. RMVB files are extremely popular for distributing content from Asia, most notably Chinese television series and Japanese anime shows.

Anyone who wishes to share videos online will find that RMVB’s relatively small size and real-time streaming capability makes it an ideal format for this purpose. You can make an AVI file ready for real-time streaming by using a program to convert AVI to RMVB. The degrading of picture quality can be considered negligible compared to the benefits obtained when you convert AVI to RMVB.

To convert AVI to RMVB, you must have the AVI file stored on your hard drive. You then need to search for a program that can convert video files from one format to another. Make sure that the converter specifically supports AVI as a source format and RMVB as a destination format.

Download the converter program from a trusted website, and install it. After installation, launch the program and start by selecting your AVI file for conversion through the program. Choose RMVB as your intended destination format. Set the output location for where you want the file to be saved, such as your desktop or an easy-to-find folder.

You might wish to change additional settings in the program as well, such as resizing the file and changing the bitrate. Remember to toggle resizing on if you want the video to be made smaller, because it will keep its original size otherwise. Choosing a higher bitrate means a proportionally larger file size after conversion. After you have made your selections, click the command to have the program begin the conversion, and wait for the program to process your file. When it is finished, your RMVB file will be ready for real-time streaming.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer