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How Do I Convert FLV to AMV?

N. Swensson
N. Swensson

Knowing how to convert flash videos, which use the FLV file format, to anime music videos, which use the AMV file format, can be useful for watching videos on certain digital devices that do not support FLV. There are a number of software packages that can be used to convert FLV to AMV; some are freeware, and others must be purchased. Freeware can be infected with spyware or malware, so it should be scanned using a reliable virus detection software package before installation. After a converter has been chosen and installed, simply select the FLV files on the hard drive that are to be converted, then choose a location to create the new AMV files. For those who don’t want to download software, there are websites with online converters that produce AMV files from uploaded flash videos.

Many video sharing websites allow viewers to download files to their computers, but the FLV file format is not compatible with some devices. Freeware packages are available for download that convert FLV to AMV, but some have been known to contain viruses and spyware. These potentially dangerous downloads can be avoided by scanning the program with antivirus software before installation. Reading user reviews of different software packages can also give an idea of how reputable they are. If you are planning to convert FLV to AMV on a regular basis, you might invest in one of the software programs that are available for purchase to help ensure security.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Flash videos that are to be converted should be stored in an easily accessible location on the computer’s hard drive. Most programs simply require the user to browse to the flash videos that are to be converted, then select a location on the hard drive for the new AMV files, and the software does the rest. Some conversion programs can convert FLV to AMV directly, and others convert to a third format first, such as audio video interleave (AVI). There are a number of options to choose from during the conversion, depending on the specific type of software chosen. The program’s documentation should have more details on how to customize the conversion.

Some people might prefer to skip the software download and use an online converter if they need to convert only a few videos on an infrequent basis. Uploading files to an online program may be more cumbersome and slow, however, when working with large numbers of FLV files. In most cases, online programs will be free to use and work in a similar way to downloaded freeware.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer