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How do I Convert VCD to MPEG?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

To convert computer files from VCD to MPEG, you will typically want to use a program specifically designed to allow you to make such a conversion. While there are many programs that will let you play these types of multimedia files, converting between file types is usually not possible through such a program. Specialty programs exist that allow you to import a wide array of audio or video files, and then export those files as a new file type. Some of the programs that will allow you to convert VCD to MPEG will also allow you to make changes to the file’s contents through editing.

A VCD file is a type of computer file that typically contains multimedia information, such as audio and video, and is specifically designed for burning to a video compact disc (VCD) for playback in a computer or digital versatile disc (DVD) player. MPEG files are multimedia files that can be played through a number of different media player programs on a computer. While some applications may work just as well when using a VCD or MPEG file, other programs or purposes will typically fair better when using one type of file or the other; as such, you may wish to convert from VCD to MPEG.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

You will typically need a converter program to change VCD to MPEG files, or vice versa. These programs can be freeware that you can download and use without license or more expensive programs that you may have to purchase. Depending on what you want from the program, a freeware version may work fine. Many of these programs, however, will place a watermark over the converted video image to indicate the freeware that was used to make it.

Professional programs that allow you to convert from VCD to MPEG will not typically place such a watermark on the image, unless you have a particular design you wish to use. These higher end programs may also include other features beyond simple file conversion, such as editing and altering of the source video and audio in the file. Most programs will simply allow you to open or import a VCD file, then convert it or export it into a MPEG file.

Some programs will allow you to make changes when you convert the file from VCD to MPEG. This can include cropping the source video and making similar changes or altering the file itself. You may be able to convert a longer VCD file into several shorter MPEG files or convert a few short VCDs into a longer single MPEG. Regardless of what type of program you use, the layout and interface will typically be quite simple, and you should be able to make such a conversion rather easily.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer