How do I get Wireless Internet Access at Home?

Ken Black

Wireless Internet access depends on two main components, a broadcaster and a receiver, both of which must be in place in order for you to utilize this type of Internet access. In most cases, this will involve setting up a home network through a wireless router, which cannot only help you receive wireless Internet access, but also help you print from a remote location or allow computers to share files and printers remotely. The other method involves using a wireless access card that allows you to connect to a cellular system for Internet service.

Wireless router.
Wireless router.

In the case of a home network, the Internet access will most likely come into your home via a wired connection. From there, it can connect to the router, most likely through an Ethernet connection. After that has taken place, the router can send and receive signals over the air, including those needed for wireless Internet access. This router is the central component of a wireless Internet interface. This method is typically referred to as Wifi.

A wireless router can be used to set up home network.
A wireless router can be used to set up home network.

The other important component needed for wireless Internet access is a wireless receiver. Many computers, both notebooks and desktops, come with wireless cards, but some do not. This can be easily added by using a card that has connectivity through the USB port. You can also use the PCMCIA slot, depending on the type of card you purchase. The most important thing when looking at connectivity is simply making sure your computer has the available hardware, or slot, needed for the connection.

With free public Wifi becoming increasingly common, your home may be in a hotspot area.
With free public Wifi becoming increasingly common, your home may be in a hotspot area.

The major disadvantage to wireless Internet access through a router is that the signal degrades very quickly, and the farther you move from the wireless access point, the less reliable the connection will be. Beyond approximately 300 feet (approximately 91.5 meters), there is very little connectivity, if any at all, especially if there is some sort of physical barrier between you and the signal's origin. Therefore, even though using this method can be liberating, it can also be restrictive, at least to a certain degree.

This is one reason why many of those using notebook computers have opted for the second method, which uses a connectivity card to take advantage of wireless Internet access over a cellular phone system. In this case, as long as you receive a cellular signal that is compatible with your network, you will have Internet access. Though this allows for greater flexibility, it also involves subscribing to an entirely different service. In fact, you may be subscribing separately to one service for home Internet access and to another for your remote access.

Many computers come with a wireless card that connect the computer to wireless internet.
Many computers come with a wireless card that connect the computer to wireless internet.

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It is my opinion someday broadband wireless Internet access will actually overcome the use of cable systems. This is already happened for me personally and I think more more people will experience these results.

After paying for two years of a wireless Internet access card for my laptop as well as a home Internet connection I decided that I would simply disconnect my home connection from my cable company and exclusively use my wireless Internet access card. Because of this transition cable companies are starting to see a decline in customers are switching to wireless options. While they still dominate the market and their share is actually still going up, a major threat has come because of these wireless mobile providers.

Someday wireless Internet connectivity will most certainly overtake the home Internet connection market.


I have yet to experience old mobile wireless Internet access system that can achieve the speeds that I need. As your typical gamer I require a high Internet access speed. When I don't have this my gaming suffers. If and when the technology advances enough to be able to game on a wireless internet connection then I will most likely become a subscriber of the service. Until that time I am forced into using the currently available high speed internet services on the market today.


I have been very satisfied using mobile telephone industry standards to receive Internet connectivity at my house. This option for wireless Internet access is a very viable one for many people. You only problem is, if you live in a rural area you may have trouble getting a strong signal or even a signal at all depending on the technology that is used by local mobile telephone companies.

There are other types of wireless technologies for Internet access but are usually not available in other areas. If you do not need to be mobile with the Internet access and simply need it located at your house, you can consider the use of satellite Internet connectivity. The satellite Internet modems require the installation of a small satellite dish somewhere on your property as well as the use of the modem inside of your house near your computer or wireless router.


There are a variety of options for selecting wireless Internet access at your house. The key to selecting one of these companies to provide service for you is doing the research and deciding what type of connection best suits your needs for Internet connectivity. Only when you determine what your needs are can you be properly suited to a company that will have the best price for service available.

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