How do I Learn How to Blog?

Adam Hill

Blogging has become one of the more pervasive recent trends on the internet. Anyone can have a blog, but for some, the question of how to blog, or how to get started, may be keeping them from getting involved. Learning how to blog is simple, and need not be any more daunting or difficult that clicking through a few web pages, or writing an email. The essence of a blog is closer to that of an open journal, or a way to express your feelings and opinions on any topic to a potentially unlimited number of readers.

National Blog Posting Month is held each year to encourage bloggers to post more frequently.
National Blog Posting Month is held each year to encourage bloggers to post more frequently.

The first step in learning how to blog is learning about the different blog hosting services, and deciding which one would be the best fit for you. Most beginners choose to use a blog hosting service rather than to host it on their own server, because it is much quicker and easier. It is somewhat like a person who has no cooking skills, who decides to go to a restaurant and order a meal, rather than waiting to eat until he learns to cook. Many people learn the intricacies of blogging as they go along, eventually branching out to host their blogs on their own servers, but a blog hosting service with ready-to-use templates and a ton of storage space for posts and photos will likely be the best option at first.

Choosing a topic is the next step in learning how to blog. Many bloggers do not have a specific topic they stick to, and may use a blog simply as a creative outlet where they write about daily experiences and hone their writing skills. Others may write about a topic that interests them, such as technology, pets, current events, or crafts. The possibilities are limitless and almost any topic can find some type of interested audience.

The most important part of a good blog is quality writing. Learning how to blog, or how to write, for that matter, is like learning how to swim; it must be done through experience. Writing that is engaging, thought-provoking, entertaining, or a combination of all three, can attract a potentially large audience, if that is your goal. Even if it is not, learning to write well will ideally be the end result of any long-term writing endeavor like blogging.

Some blogs, as a result of having a wide audience, can bring in revenue for the writer. This is primarily done through selling advertising space on a blog. Making money with a blog is not for everyone, but it is one of the many ways that learning how to blog can be an interesting and rewarding experience.

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