What is an Audioblog?

Patrick Roland

An audioblog is an individual recording that can be shared on the Internet and is frequently referred to as podcasting. An audioblog is recorded with a variety of techniques and can cover any topic imaginable. Some editing is often required to make the production flow properly. These recordings are saved on a computer and published online, frequently through a blog. Users can listen to these broadcasts in two popular formats.

Audioblogging, or podcasting, has been called a 21st century from of talk radio.
Audioblogging, or podcasting, has been called a 21st century from of talk radio.

An audioblog is similar to a written blog because the author can cover any topic ranging from entertainment, politics, family, to any other subject matter in between. Many computers are embedded with recording devices that allow the blogger to speak directly into the computer to record a blog. Other systems require computer software and a microphone to be installed to properly record a blog. Some bloggers and podcasters record broadcasts separately through digital recording devices similar to cassette recorders.

Some of these blogs are presented exactly as they were recorded, but others are edited to give a professional quality similar to a radio broadcast. Using digital editing software, users often cut out unwanted material and segments for time and quality purposes. Other editing techniques allow users to add music and sound effects that help a podcast flow, thereby making them more enjoyable for listeners.

Recordings are saved as a variety of audio file formats, including MP3 and WAV, depending on the capabilities of the blog the work is being published to. Many recordings are featured on a personal blog of the creator. In addition, there are many outlets for podcasts on a variety of topics that allow audiobloggers to share work.

An audioblog is presented to listeners in two basic formats, i.e., either as a downloadable MP3 or as a streamable sound file. Each provides the listener with a variety of controls over how the information is taken in, and many podcast providers offer both options. An MP3 is preferred by some because of the versatility it provides; the blog can be downloaded onto a personal computer and listened at a later time either on a computer or on a personal listening device like an iPod. Streaming content appeals to listeners who are hesitant to download files, especially if they are not familiar with the source of the files. Streaming allows the podcast to be opened up online and played in real time via a web browser so no downloading is necessary.

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