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What are the Advantages of a 10" Laptop?

A 10" laptop offers unparalleled portability, fitting effortlessly into your life on the go. Its compact size means less weight to carry and more desk space saved, without sacrificing essential functionality. Perfect for students, travelers, and professionals alike, it's a tech companion that adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. How might a 10" laptop streamline your daily routine? Continue reading to find out.
Ken Black
Ken Black

The 10" laptop, also known as a mini laptop, may be one of the hottest computers on the market today. While the technological advantages in the laptop has given it an unprecedented level of popularity, the trend has been to go smaller and smaller. Now, with the 10" laptop, the physical limitations applying to size may be near their maximum. Even with the small screen, the 10" laptop does have some advantages.

The first advantage is the size. With the screen measuring only 10 inches (25.4 cm), and a casing that is not much larger than that, the computer offers great portability. While it may seem like a 10" laptop would be hard to use, it may be among the most usable of computers in some situations. While many may feel the best laptop is one with a larger screen meant to replace a desktop model, 10" laptops are hardly ever used for such a purpose.

Size and weight are both advantages of a 10" laptop.
Size and weight are both advantages of a 10" laptop.

For those who do a substantial amount of traveling, the 10" laptop may make the perfect companion. It can be used easily on an airplane where quarters are notoriously cramped. Other laptop computers may have a hard time fully opening or even opening to an angle where the screen can be easily seen on an airplane. This is not a problem for the 10" laptop.

A 10" laptop does not have to sacrifice hard drive size.
A 10" laptop does not have to sacrifice hard drive size.

Another advantage of the 10" laptop is in its weight. While all laptop computers have gotten lighter as time has gone by, the mini computer is one of the lightest ever made. Most come in at less than four pounds (1.8 kg). For those who need to worry about carrying more than just a laptop with them, this may be an important consideration.

Though often a secondary consideration or advantage, the 10" laptop also has the capability of being used fairly unobtrusively, especially considering what other laptop models look like on a desk or table. Therefore, it may be an ideal choice for those who want to take it to a class or use it in a business meeting. It will not attract the attention other models may, except that many may be curious of its small size.

While the 10" laptop may not be a good choice for those who want to display things to other people, this is easily remedied through the use of a projector system. In fact, the little machines will often perform very well as presentation machines. In these cases, size does not really matter as most of the work will be done by the projector. Some people may even choose a larger computer on which to create the presentation, then transfer it to a 10" laptop for transport and display.

Another advantage is that, despite its size, users give up very little in terms of the size of the hard drive and speed of the computer processor. However, the computers often do not come with a DVD player/burner. Therefore, if this is important, it will require the use of an external drive, which will add weight to the overall package.

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@Vinzenzo -- another thing to keep in mind about 10" laptops is that you can save a pile of money on them. There are some out there with a built in Android operating system and those are inexpensive. Laptops using the Google Chrome operating system tend to be inexpensive, too (but they are of varying usefulness when not connected to the Internet). If you really want to save some money, pick up a 10.1" netbook -- those were in vogue a few years ago, but the market for them was largely destroyed by tablets and ultrabooks (laptops that are small but have faster CPUs and higher end features than most netbooks).

Still, you can pick a netbook up for just a little bit of money. If you're worried about speed, replace the Windows XP or Windows 7 Starter OS that is common on those with a lightweight Linux distro and you've got a very portable, capable and inexpensive computer that will serve you well.


A lot of the appeal of these has waned since the development of tablet computers. Still, there are people who prefer tiny laptops for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the availability to add a "standard" desktop operating system to it so that it behaves a lot like your standard computer.

Also, having a built-in keyboard is a real plus. Sure, the use of Bluetooth and "snap in" keyboards is becoming more commonplace for tablet computers, but those are not cheap components and take away from the "all in one" appeal of small laptop.

For anyone looking for a 10" laptop, keep a couple of things in mind -- CPU speed and the quality of the keyboard. A slow machine and a bad keyboard can prevent a laptop from being truly useful.

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    • Size and weight are both advantages of a 10" laptop.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Size and weight are both advantages of a 10" laptop.
    • A 10" laptop does not have to sacrifice hard drive size.
      By: merydolla
      A 10" laptop does not have to sacrifice hard drive size.