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What are the Advantages of EVDO?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

EVDO is a network which provides wireless users with high-speed Internet access on their mobile phones or laptops. The acronym EVDO stands for "Evolution, Data Only" or "Evolution, Data Optimized." There are many advantage of EVDO, which allows constant access to important information, and lets users stay on top of work-related emails and phone calls with the touch of a button. The technology is primarily used by business professionals; however, it is gaining a following with the general public as a whole.

The main advantages of EVDO for business professionals is never having to be disconnected when important information comes in. Users can check and respond to email with ease, no matter where they are. EVDO is often much more efficient than similar wireless networks, and it provides seamless transition from one coverage area to another.

EVDO networks use telecommunication antennas to provide remote broadband access.
EVDO networks use telecommunication antennas to provide remote broadband access.

This seamlessness allows business professionals to stay in touch via email, phone, and chat sessions. They can be notified as soon as a client or superior contacts them, and it is no longer required that they be at their computer in order to get messages. How convenient certain features are, such as email, will depend largely on the phone or handheld computer being used.

Office features are also available through many devices with EVDO access. These can include word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Many of these allow changes and edits to be made within the document right on the phone or laptop. Presentation software applications may not be edited, but they provide a simpler way of reviewing presentations without a large computer or messy files and paperwork. The EVDO network allows these files to be sent instantly no matter where the user happens to be.

The advantages of EVDO are not limited to business professionals. Anyone may enjoy browsing the web wherever he or she goes, checking email while on the road, and getting directions instantly. These features are useful for any busy person who wants to keep in touch more efficiently. Many other applications and features may also be available, depending on the device being used.

In most cases, the advantages of EVDO outweigh the costs of use. Some plans offer unlimited access, while other less expensive options allow for a specific number of gigabytes per month. Either option is viable depending on what the device will be used for.

Before taking advantage of the EVDO network, it is important that one have a compatible device. Not all phones or laptops work with this technology, so it is a good idea to make sure before purchasing a plan. Once it is up and running however, finding unreliable WiFi hot spots and missing important emails is no longer an issue.

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    • EVDO networks use telecommunication antennas to provide remote broadband access.
      By: noomhh
      EVDO networks use telecommunication antennas to provide remote broadband access.