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What Are the Different Types of Bluetooth® Gadgets?

B. Miller
B. Miller

There are many different types of Bluetooth® gadgets that allow wireless connectivity between devices for convenience and ease of use. Though cell phones and cell phone headsets are some of the most common, many other products now allow this type of synchronous, wire-free use as well. Both laptop and desktop computers now frequently include Bluetooth® technology, as well as MP3 devices, USB storage drives, wireless headphones, and others. Each Bluetooth® gadget to be paired must feature Bluetooth® technology specifically. Sometimes this technology can be switched on and off on the device, while other times it is constantly on.

Wireless communication and listening devices are some of the most common Bluetooth® gadgets. Cell phone headsets, for example, often allow people to answer and hang up the phone without ever touching it. Though these are frequently used in the workplace, they are also very common while driving, or even for just walking down the street. In many states it is illegal to talk on a cell phone without using a hands-free device such as one of these Bluetooth® gadgets, making them even more ubiquitous. It should also be noted that other states forbid using such devices while driving.

A Bluetooth® dongle.
A Bluetooth® dongle.

In addition to headsets for cell phones, headsets for computers, audio systems in cars, or MP3 players are also very common. These allow individuals to wirelessly connect to the stereo systems and listen to music or other audio that way, which can be very convenient. Some televisions even feature this capability now, which can be especially beneficial for households in which one individual stays up to watch TV while everyone else goes to bed. This individual can simply listen to the TV audio through the headset, without disturbing anyone else. Other Bluetooth® gadgets connect directly to a computer, for easier wireless use.

Bluetooth refers to short-range wireless connections between devices.
Bluetooth refers to short-range wireless connections between devices.

These can include keyboards and mice, most commonly, but they can also include larger items such as printers. Wireless storage devices, such as a USB dongle, also frequently use Bluetooth® to connect to a computer, as well as other Bluetooth® gadgets such as cell phones and MP3 players. This allows users to transfer files quickly and easily without needing to set up a wired connection. As this wireless technology becomes more and more prevalent, it is likely that more devices will be manufactured with Bluetooth® technology in the future. Keep in mind that different Bluetooth® gadgets might have different connectivity ranges, and some older devices may not be compatible with some newer ones.

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@John57-- I agree that once you start using wireless technology, you want everything to be set up that way. I know there are a lot of cool Bluetooth gadgets out there, but I think my favorite one has to be using wireless mice.

I get so frustrated with a cord attached to a mouse when I am trying to move it around. I use this type of mouse for both my desktop and my laptop computer.

Once I bought my first wireless mouse, I have never gone back to using one with a cord. If I use another computer that does not have a wireless mouse, I realize very quickly why I would never use one again on my own computers.


We have an entertainment systems in the back of our car that uses a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset. There are many times when this has been a life saver.

Someone can watch a movie or listen to the radio without disturbing other people in the car who may want to read or take a nap. You also don't have to worry about cords or other types of headphones.

These wireless headphones always stay in the car so we always know where they are. As long as the batteries in them are good, we have never had any problems with them. Once you get used to using wireless devices like this, it is hard to go back to any other method.


When I see someone driving down the road with nobody else in their vehicle, and they are just talking away, I don't think anything about it. Whether I see them a wearing a Bluetooth headset or not, I just assume they are talking to someone on their phone.

The same thing goes for people I see walking on the street or in the store. They are just walking along talking to someone on their phone, but it almost looks like they are talking to themselves.

If you had seen this a few years ago, you would have thought it was kind of strange. With the popularity of wireless communication, this is something you are probably going to see more of all the time. For someone who has to be on the phone much of the time, the ability to have your hands free makes such a difference.


My husband drives a commercial truck, and our state just implemented a law where you cannot talk on your cell phone in your truck unless it is hands-free.

Before this, he did not use any Bluetooth technology in his truck, but he didn't want to get fined, so starting using it. Now that he is used to it, he really loves it.

It is so much easier to concentrate on your driving when you don't have to look down at your phone or worry about punching numbers. It really is much safer and a whole lot more convenient.

There are a lot of Bluetooth devices out there to choose from. I think as long as you buy one of the newer gadgets, you should not have any problems connecting.

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    • A Bluetooth® dongle.
      By: Dan
      A Bluetooth® dongle.
    • Bluetooth refers to short-range wireless connections between devices.
      By: V.R.Murralinath
      Bluetooth refers to short-range wireless connections between devices.
    • Some MP3 players have Bluetooth technology.
      By: lionel VALENTI
      Some MP3 players have Bluetooth technology.