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What Are the Different Types of Google Wave® Gadgets?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

Some of the more popular Google Wave® gadgets include a Twitter extension, a map gadget and iWave. Other extensions like TimeBridge and Tasky help users increase productivity. A wide range of Google Wave® gadgets allow users to not only enjoy real-time communication, but also coordinate business meetings, school projects, special volunteer efforts, manage various calendars and events, and even export waves to other programs.

Though Google Wave® is no longer actively developed, it is still accessible to public users. Third-party developers have also continuously created new Google Wave® gadgets to enhance the end-user’s experience. Also known as Google Wave® tools, Google Wave® accessories and Google Wave® widgets, these tools help people accomplish more when working within Google Wave®.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Social media applications are among the most popular types of Google Wave® gadgets. In particular, a Twitter extension allows Wave® users to export their Twitter feed to a wave. There are actually more than one Google Wave® gadgets that are coded to interact with Google Wave® in such a way. Similar Google Wave® extensions also exist to integrate other social media applications into a wave.

Other types of Google Wave® gadgets are more work-oriented, as they are intended to increase business productivity. Examples of these include TimeBridge and Tasky. These gadgets help people manage busy schedules more efficiently as well as complete tasks in a timely manner while working within Google Wave®.

Since Google ceased actively working on Wave® as a separate product in August 2010, instead of shutting down completely, it has continued to allow application developers to work on Google Wave® gadgets through open source. Extensions are frequently used by individuals still choosing to access Wave® directly, as well as those using other Google projects that have Wave® technology woven into them. Examples of such projects that feature Wave® technology include Wave in a Box and Google Docs. In addition to social media and productivity gadgets, there are also gadgets for inserting emoticons into a wave, publishing a wave in a blog post and gadgets to allow users to play games while inside a wave.

A healthy listing of Google Wave® gadgets can be found on the website dedicated to Wave®. Users can also find additional extensions and gadgets on several other developer websites and blogs. Regardless of the type of gadget utilized, each is intended to enhance the user’s experience while using Wave® for online communication and special projects.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer