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What is a Quad Band Phone?

Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

A quad band phone is a mobile phone that offers users the best chance to avoid losing connection during important conversations. It utilizes all four of the major communication frequency bands, so it surpasses the competition in terms of service around the world. The drawback of these phones is that the actual phone and service are more expensive than lesser band phones, but the tradeoff is a top-of-the-line communication tool.

A quad band phone is a member of the multi band phone family that also includes the tri band phone and the dual band phone. Worldwide, there are four frequency bands on which mobile phones operate: 850 megahertz (MHz), 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz. Each band includes a range of similar frequencies. A multi frequency phone such as a quad band phone is able to pick up frequencies in any of those four bands and can use them to hold a call. This is the main advantage of a quad band phone.

The iPhone® is a phone with more advanced quad band technology.
The iPhone® is a phone with more advanced quad band technology.

In the United States, only two frequency bands are used, 1900 MHz and 850 MHz. These are not the same bands used in Europe. A tri band phone or dual band phone receives only certain frequencies, which might not correspond to the frequencies in a specific area. The result is an increase in dropped calls and roaming charges that can be many times the rate for a normal call.

In order to pull in this wide range of frequencies, a quad band phone has more powerful internal hardware than most other phones on the market. This increase in strength normally corresponds to the phone's other features as well. Many quad band phones offer internet options, fast downloading abilities, large address book storage options and Bluetooth® capabilities. Add this to the reliable calling network available worldwide, and quad band phones stand out as one of the best options for mobile phone users who frequently travel.

The biggest drawback of a quad band phone is the cost associated with this product. Phones with more advanced quad band technology, such as Apple Inc.'s iPhone, can cost two or three times as much as a simple phone that doesn't have all of the same applications. Even quad band phones without a lot of additional tools still cost more than simpler tri band phones and dual band phones. In addition to the phone generally costing more, the monthly bills for this reliable service generally are larger than they would be for more basic phones.

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    • The iPhone® is a phone with more advanced quad band technology.
      By: kai
      The iPhone® is a phone with more advanced quad band technology.