What is a SIM Card Editor?

S. Gonzales

A SIM card editor is a software program that allows a user to access the information contained on his personal SIM card and edit it as he sees fit. While SIM card editors are generally used with GSM SIM cards, Nextel and 3G SIM cards may also be compatible with the software, depending on the developer. If the card editor has the ability to work with different types of SIM cards, a user may be able to switch networks without losing his data or having to manually reenter it onto a new SIM card.

SIM card.
SIM card.

The advantages of using a card editor are numerous. The average user may find that it is easier to modify and organize his contacts and phone book entries through an editor. When using a SIM card editor, users are not tied to small, cell phone keypads and can work with a large computer screen instead of a tiny mobile phone screen.

A cell phone that uses a SIM card.
A cell phone that uses a SIM card.

Other information that may be accessed, edited, and organized using a SIM card editor includes SMS archives, recently dialed phone numbers, and other phone number-related data. Virtually any SIM card data that can be edited on a cell phone can be accessed using a card editor and modified on a computer. Additionally, if a user wishes to change his or her SIM security code, he may be provided that opportunity using a SIM card editor. PIN codes can also be enabled, changed or disabled. The SIM cards themselves can be blocked or unblocked using an appropriate editor.

A SIM editor may be used as a bridge between two devices or applications. Those who use a SIM editor can export data in the form of a CSV file. The data file can then be loaded and accessed by a mail-client such as Outlook®, Eudora® and Lotus Notes® or a PIM application like Palm&reg Desktop, transferring data that was once only contained on the SIM card. When this is done, synchronization of contacts can be achieved.

Of course, a SIM editor can be a practical answer for anyone interested in backing up a SIM card. Access to the SIM card's data gives a user the chance to save that data into a digital file or print out a report of the card's contents. In addition, a user may take advantage of a SIM editor's functions by transferring data to a completely different card.

Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use.
Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use.

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@KaBoom - I'm woefully behind the times as well. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a SIM card editor!

I'm considering switching to a new cell phone provider soon and I think something like this might really come in handy. I don't know if the new provider will help me transfer all my stuff from my old phone with the old provider but I kind of doubt it. I think it would be a good idea to have a way to do it myself.


This article has reminded me that I need to get with the program as far as cell phone technology goes. I have tons and tons of stuff on my cell phone that needs to be organized. I also have a lot of stuff that I've never figured out what to do with or how to transfer it to my computer.

Also, it would be great to back everything up. I think I'm going to ask around among my friends and see if anyone has a SIM reader they might lend me.

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