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What is a SIM Writer?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A Subscriber Identity Module, also referred to as a SIM card, is the small circuit board card that is placed into a GSM cell phone in order for the cell phone to connect to a carrier network and function. A SIM card contains all of a cell phone user's information, including identity details, special network information and the user's list of contacts. It may also hold miscellaneous data like text messages. A SIM writer is a device with software that allows a user to write information onto a SIM card without having to use a phone.

With a SIM writer, a user can easily add new information onto his contacts list. Depending on the type of writer he uses, he may also be able to edit those contacts. SIM writers give users an independent ability to manage their SIM card information.

SIM card.
SIM card.

To function, SIM writers need only the SIM writer device, its corresponding software, and a computer. A SIM card can be inserted into the writer, the writer can then be connected to a computer, and the software can access the SIM card's contents. The SIM card's contents will then be displayed on the computer screen.

Once connected, a user can begin making modifications to the SIM card. He may enter new names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or any other type of contact information onto the SIM. In addition, some users simply use a SIM writer to view the information contained on a SIM card. Since the SIM card's data is shown all at once, users may be afforded a better view of the contents. Viewing the same information on a phone could be tedious, as the user would have to view only one entry at a time.

A SIM card contains all of a cell phone user's information.
A SIM card contains all of a cell phone user's information.

SIM writers may also be referred to as SIM editors and SIM readers. In fact, these names are often used interchangeably with each other. Not all SIM writers are created equally, however, and it is up to the user to purchase and download a SIM writer that is capable of performing the functions that he or she desires. For example, it is not uncommon to come across some SIM writers that are only compatible with certain types of phones. Similarly, some SIM writers may be capable of backing up data, while others may not.

Adding information onto a SIM card with a SIM writer is usually easier than manually entering the same data. SIM writer users have the advantage of viewing their data on a large computer screen and using a full-size QWERTY keyboard to input information. By using the writer, a user may save time and avoid errors in data entry.

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    • SIM card.
      By: Nikolai Sorokin
      SIM card.
    • A SIM card contains all of a cell phone user's information.
      By: blvdone
      A SIM card contains all of a cell phone user's information.