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What is an Internet Refrigerator?

An Internet Refrigerator is a high-tech appliance that combines traditional food storage with smart technology. It connects to the web, allowing you to manage groceries, access recipes, and even order food online. With its interactive screen, you can streamline your kitchen experience. Wondering how this innovation can transform your daily routine? Let's examine the possibilities together.
Kristina Choi
Kristina Choi

An Internet refrigerator, or a net fridge, is an appliance that can store chilled or frozen foods while allowing access to the Internet. Its structure is very similar to a traditional refrigerator, with one prominent difference. On one of its doors, there is a built-in computer. This built-in computer is what gives Internet refrigerators more sophisticated features.

In terms of web browsing, most Internet refrigerators work through a removable touch-screen display. This display is where all of the action occurs, since the refrigerator itself does not possess any computing capabilities. However, this does not mean that the display can be compared to a normal computer. This is mainly because the device is limited in its storage capacity.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Despite this fact, many will still find the display quite impressive since it offers a plethora of options. If a person wanted to listen to an MP3, they could simply play it through the display; no outside devices are necessary. This is also true if a person wanted to watch television, take pictures, make a phone call or even record video. Ultimately, the display associated with an Internet refrigerator serves as an all-in-one entertainment device.

However, an Internet refrigerator is not just about entertainment. They also feature practical elements, such as the ability to control the refrigerator's internal temperature. Some Net fridges even have programs that can determine when a user’s food is going to spoil. The only requirement to get the process started is entering in the expiration dates. This only needs to be done once, no matter how many times it's taken out and put back in. The Internet refrigerator will store the data in its internal memory.

Practicality can also be found through some of the leisurely features associated with the Internet refrigerator. For example, being able to surf the Web gives cooks the ability to access online recipes right in their kitchen. They also won't have to waste ink printing the information out from another computer.

If a user wanted to showcase their child’s artwork, they could scan it with another computer, then store it on the Internet refrigerator’s display. This ensures that the artwork never gets lost, since a virtual copy is always available.

Finally, the Internet refrigerator helps save space in an area that can easily be cluttered. For cooks, this is important because it ensures they stay organized. They won’t have to waste counter top space with televisions, telephones, laptops or recipe books. Ultimately, with the Internet refrigerator, they get to concentrate on what matters most in the kitchen — cooking.

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One has to wonder how truly useful these things are. Honestly, who will take the time to enter expiration dates into one of these? Also, isn't it more convenient for a cook or chef to keep recipes on something portable like an iPad rather than running to look at a display on a stationary refrigerator when making a meal?

There could be some great uses for an Internet-enabled refrigerator, but will the expense of it be worth it?

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer