What is Smart GPRS?

Alexis W.

Smart GPRS is a type of technology commonly found on mobile devices. GPRS, or General Packet Radio Service, is also sometimes referred to as “2.5G” because it was introduced between the advancement from 2G cellular phone networks to 3G networking devices capable of functioning as Internet browsers and multimedia messaging devices. Smart GPRS provides for an improvement over the original bandwidth capabilities, often allowing multiple users to view the same content by opening the precise transmission bandwidth users need. This allows the mobile user to do things such as stream videos and similar types of data or media to his or her mobile device.

Smart GPRS technology is commonly found on cellphones.
Smart GPRS technology is commonly found on cellphones.

With the introduction of the highly popular 3G mobile networks, the phones that people use have become immensely more functional in terms of what they are capable of doing for the user. These “smart” phones operate on networks that utilize GPRS technology, allowing not only streaming video data transfers, but also for users to check their email from their mobile web browsers on a real-time basis, receiving notifications of new emails even though they haven’t got a browser window active on their mobile phone. Beyond that, the available uses of location-oriented mobile websites, mapping browsers, and even instant web-based messaging capabilities are all functions of newer mobile devices provided by smart GPRS technology.

Smart GPRS was introduced between the development of 2G and 3G phone networking devices.
Smart GPRS was introduced between the development of 2G and 3G phone networking devices.

On top of being responsible for the advancement from 2G to 3G networking for mobile telephones, smart GPRS technology has also been responsible for the advancement of wireless computer technology as well. This technology allowed the creation of a technology known as Wi-Fi, a technology that allows users to operate their personal computers or portable computers on wireless networks as long as permission from one of the many available networks has been obtained. The smart GPRS system allows users to operate items such as laptop computers in places like restaurants and coffee shops, without hardwiring a connection directly to a modem in order to access the Internet.

The technologies associated with smart GPRS continue to develop as well. 4G technology, for example, allows users to operate their mobile devices as if they were desktop computers. Some devices equipped with 4G technology even having the capability of acting as a Wi-Fi emitting device, allowing nearby users to access the Internet through the device’s wireless connection. Advancements in the bandwidth capability continue to occur, allowing for ever faster transfer of data over these networks.

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