What is Total Print Management?

S. Gonzales

Total print management differs from average printing management activities in that it is an in-depth assessment of printer infrastructure productivity. It considers hardware, software, and practical printing services when determining how well these services are functioning. Total print management can increase quality and profitability of a printing operation. If a business owner outsources total print management to another company, he may be able to receive suggestions on how to make his printing environment more viable after reviewing productivity assessments and making subsequent operational changes.

Total print management considers hardware, software and practical printing services when determining functioning printing activities.
Total print management considers hardware, software and practical printing services when determining functioning printing activities.

By investing in total print management, administrators may be able to make their printing network more efficient and manageable. Some reports indicate that companies may lower their printing operational costs by as much as 30%. Suggestions to manage productivity can include purchasing new, multifunctional equipment or simply reconfiguring old equipment and relocating it. Should a printing administrator make changes like these, the percentage of savings and profitability may increase even more.

Print total management can provide a practical view of a printing operation. For example, reports detailing printer usage can give an administrator insight into how well and how often his printers are being used. Using these reports, he may be able to streamline operations so that efficient printer use is maximized. Almost every aspect of a printing operation can be controlled and managed through a total print management program, from order entry and shipping to inventory management and internal soft cost reduction.

A total print management program can directly effect individuals involved with printing services, from clients to information technology specialists. Since total print management can offer administrators the ability to enhance their support services, information technology specialists may find their jobs easier and may devote less time to troubleshooting printing issues. This frees up time for the specialists to optimize printing services. Subsequently, clients may enjoy increased and faster production of documents, should they use the services that information technologists maintain under the total print management program.

In addition, a program can provide administrators with portfolios and profiles. In these, new print management strategies can be recommended to administrators looking to boost productivity and save money, as well as provide the best printing services possible to clients. With this information, unexpected repair costs can be managed and avoided. Risks can be minimized by tracking assets and accounting for every operational cost. Future operations can also be planned for with projections in both expansion and technology.

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