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What is Website Migration?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Website migration is the transfer of a website from one web host to another. The move requires the migration of all integral website files to the new host. There are many reasons why a webmaster might want to change hosts, including dissatisfaction with disk space and bandwidth allotments, website administration features and website downtime. For a seamless transition from one host to another to occur, website owners need to research potential new hosts and undergo adequate preparation before the move takes place.

Scheduling a website migration to occur at the appropriate time is important. Strategic scheduling will require that a website owner move his or her website at a time when there is little website traffic, such as at night. Letting people with an interest in the website, such as visitors, employees and anyone who might use subdomains, know when the move will take place can guard against confusion. Informing everyone can also mean that files won't be unnecessarily changed or added while the website is moving. A website owner might require that the website remain unchanged for a few days before the migration, in order to allow him or her the opportunity to back up the files.


Backing up a website can benefit the website owner if anything goes haywire during the transition. Website owners will be required to revise Domain Name System (DNS) records after a website migration so that website visitors can find the website on its new host. It's not uncommon for DNS record updates to take a few days to complete. After website migration is completed, webmasters should verify that all parts of their website are functional and should fix any bugs that might pop up.

Those who are interested in transitioning to another web host should carefully research what the new host has to offer. Website owners often mistakenly believe that another host will be better than their previous one without verifying the benefits of moving to the new host. One way to ensure that website owners find a perfect web host is to identify what they really value in a hosting company and ask current customers of other hosts about their experiences.

Website migration can be a daunting and complex task for some, but it can be a liberating experience for others. Website migration can provide an opportunity for website owners to organize and prioritize files, which eventually can lead to a streamlining of their websites. For some website owners, migrating can provide an opportunity to start over. Some webmasters try revamping or redesigning their websites if they know they're going to move to a different host.

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