What Should I Consider When Buying a Computer Desk?

Shannon Kietzman

When purchasing a computer desk, there are several things you should consider to ensure it provides you with comfort and with ease of use. A computer desk should compliment your space effectively and fulfill your workspace needs. The first thing you should consider when purchasing a computer desk is the area where it will be placed. If the computer desk will be placed in a home office, determine which room will house the desk. Then, take measurements to determine how much space you have available for the computer desk.

A small desk can suffice for someone who intends it only for a laptop.
A small desk can suffice for someone who intends it only for a laptop.

Keep in mind that you will need clearance space for any drawers or cabinets that your desk may have. Therefore, you might not be able to butt the computer desk against two walls in a corner. If you absolutely must use the corner of the room, or if you prefer the look of a corner desk, then you will need to shop specifically for one designed to fit this type of area.

It's important to get a desk with enough space to avoid spills.
It's important to get a desk with enough space to avoid spills.

The next consideration is the use of the computer desk. If you will only use the desk as a place for your laptop, for example, a small desk without shelves or drawers should be sufficient. If you are setting up a gaming area, on the other hand, you will need space for your controllers, software, and game manuals.

You will also likely purchase a large monitor for your gaming center, which means you will need a computer desk with enough space to house the monitor you select. Some computer desks have a hollowed out square area specifically designed for the monitor. Make sure it is either large enough for your monitor or adjustable to suit your purposes.

If your computer desk will be holding your entire home office, make sure it has the surface space for items such as a fax machine or scanner. Alternatively, your computer desk may have special shelves designed specifically for holding these items. You may also choose to keep these extras in a location that is separate from your computer.

After narrowing down your computer desk options, you should also start looking for a chair to go with the desk. Pair up various chairs and desks to determine which combination provides you with the most comfort. You should be able to sit up straight while typing as your feet touch the ground. If the edge of the computer desk digs into your wrists or otherwise causes any discomfort as you type, look for a different model. Over time, these problems can lead to a great deal of pain and may require medical attention.

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Good article here. There is a lot to consider when you are purchasing a computer desk, and it's often worth spending a little bit more cash in order to make sure you get something both suitable and long-lasting.

An important thing to consider these days when purchasing a desk is cable management. With the numbers of gadgets and peripherals we all have these days, something like an integrated cable tray can make your life a lot easier when it comes to untangling all of that electronic spaghetti!

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