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What is an Anti-Glare Computer Screen?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

An anti-glare computer screen is designed to cut down on the amount of light that reflects off the display. Reflected light or glare can be very fatiguing to the eyes and reduces the contrast, colors and sharpness of the display. An anti-glare computer screen makes viewing a display more pleasant for most people, and reduces eyestrain.

Most LCD monitors have an anti-glare screen, though there are two types that have different advantages. The most common type is the matte finish display. This anti-glare computer screen works by using the rough matte surface of the display to scatter light, rather than allowing it to reflect off a smooth surface.

Reducing glare on a laptop screen makes viewing easier on the eyes.
Reducing glare on a laptop screen makes viewing easier on the eyes.

The matte finish anti-glare computer screen also has a disadvantage: It scatters the light coming out of the display, resulting in a slightly less-crisp image for the viewer. The matte finish mutes clarity, color and contrast. Compared to a smooth-surface screen, the image is slightly blurred, which may itself be fatiguing to the eyes.

The other type of anti-glare computer screen uses a chemical coating over a smooth surface to cut down glare. All else being equal, this type of anti-glare computer screen delivers a crisper image with better colors and contrast than a matte finish. It can't cut glare to the same degree the matte finish can, however.

Reducing glare on a computer screen is important when spending hours in a computer lab in one sitting.
Reducing glare on a computer screen is important when spending hours in a computer lab in one sitting.

A good way to choose between anti-glare computer screens is to consider the environment in which you will be using the computer. A chemical-treated smooth anti-glare computer screen is probably well-suited for home use, where there is mostly ambient light that you can control. In the workplace, where harsh overhead lighting is common, it may be less fatiguing to cut more glare with a matte finish than to maintain a crisper picture with a smooth surface display that will reflect more light.

Some cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors also come with an anti-glare screen. If not, aftermarket anti-glare screens can be purchased that block not only glare, but also harmful ultra-violet (UV) radiation. Radiation is not a problem with LCD screens.

An anti-glare computer screen can help reduce eyestrain.
An anti-glare computer screen can help reduce eyestrain.

If you'd like an aftermarket anti-glare computer screen for your LCD monitor, these are also available. Many come in the form of a sheet of plastic that clings to the screen. These are also called anti-reflective screens and are designed to improve contrast and protect the display from scratches.

Aftermarket anti-glare computer screens are available virtually everywhere computers are sold. Be sure to choose the right size for your display, and if buying for a CRT monitor, look for 100% UV blockage along with anti-glare properties.

Discussion Comments


I am a designer. Does this change the display color on the screen


I suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy (focal seizures) and working on my works computer screen is giving me bad headaches / migraines and I worried it will cause my seizures. What's the best filter screen that could help me ?

Thank you in advance.


I am looking for an anti glare computer screen filter for about 17" screen. My eyes are starting to hurt from using the computer too much. I want help in getting rid of the radiation that it emits. Also, I understand that their special computer eye glasses. Is that true and where can I buy them? I tried Staples, Office Max, Best Buy. None of them have products. Please tell me where I can get them.


I live in Australia and I really wanted to take my laptop into the sun. It took me like four hours to finally track an antiglare screen down that was affordable and actually fit my laptop.

When I did find what I was looking for, it was NuShield screen protectors.

Pros: Antiglare/ antireflective

After searching for hours, I paid $30 for mine and now I can take my computer into the sun, study, read, research whatever and get a tan at the same time. The protective film doesn't allow for scratching and it's super easy to install. It's also really cheap. You can't even tell you have added a layer of film to the computer screen and the website is all automatically linked, so whatever type of computer, laptop, Game Boy ipod, ipad etc., you have just find it, click on it, and they will send you the correct film size pronto.

If you're thinking about getting one: get it!


Finally, a solution!


bought a viewguard and is is good. no more eye pain.


@Anon141561: I am not sure why you would want to block out the light on your computer but when I was reviewing the tech specs online for the ViewGuard Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector, I did notice that the ViewGuard Privacy Filter blocks out 30 percent of light due to tinting. That might be an option for whatever you are doing. -Bob


Do you know the name of the screen you can use to block the computer light? I turn own the brightness of the light on my computer but i think I'm going to still need the computer screen block as well. Please help me.


Where can I find the ViewGuard Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector?


#8: Thanks for the recommendation. I was able to find a ViewGuard anti-glare screen protector for my desktop monitor. Thanks, Satish


My eyes were hurting from using my new HP laptop with a glossy screen so I bought the ViewGuard Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector and it helps tremendously. It was only $14.99.


I only can find chemical coating anti-glare screens. anybody know where to find old school matte monitors?

Thank you.


i have cataracts and the computer is affecting my eyes. would an anti-glare screen help?


I guess you could say I'm in the "matte camp" when it comes to my type of LCD monitor. I'm not ready to take the plunge yet, at least monitor-purchasing wise, so yeah, that's about where it's at right now with someone like me!


Laptop Burka is an anti glare tool and as funny as the name is, it *really* works. Good to go anywhere there's glare. Who cares what anyone else thinks if what you're looking to do is work on your laptop seriously without the glare. I see the advertising possibilites. You could have disney, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA teams or players on all of the exterior of the Laptop Burka.


I use sunglasses/clip-on sunglasses to reduce the strain on my eyes. It sounds bad, however it is the most portable method that I can think of. Please share your opinions.


I have a matte finish (anti glare) old laptop and a newer smooth surface lcd laptop. The smooth surface display has very crisp display but I'm getting quite tired of looking for the ideal lighted location to operate it in... very taxing on the eyes if you do a lot of reading on-screen.

My matte finish older laptop is so easy on the eyes I still love to read on it.

I'm going to have to buy one of those plastic anti-glare things for my newer pc.

Hope this helps.


I'd like to hear from people if anyone has found anti-glare screens to be really useful because I'm trying to decide whether I should get one or not.

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    • Reducing glare on a laptop screen makes viewing easier on the eyes.
      By: Nikolai Sorokin
      Reducing glare on a laptop screen makes viewing easier on the eyes.
    • Reducing glare on a computer screen is important when spending hours in a computer lab in one sitting.
      By: yanlev
      Reducing glare on a computer screen is important when spending hours in a computer lab in one sitting.
    • An anti-glare computer screen can help reduce eyestrain.
      By: Voyagerix
      An anti-glare computer screen can help reduce eyestrain.