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How can I Find Free Stuff on the Internet?

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco

Not surprisingly, the Internet is the best place to find free stuff. From free pens and keychains to free web hosting and software, the Internet has become a haven for goodies. Of course, the amount of scams is also high, and there is always the risk that ordering free stuff will also bring a lot of spam, or even identity theft, your way. So, where do you go to find the best free stuff on the Internet? Here are some tips on how to make your choice.

If this is your first time looking for free stuff, start by doing an Internet search. You will probably come with hundreds of directories offering all kinds of free stuff, usually sorted by category. While on a regular search you would probably skip advertisements, they tend to be the best websites for free stuff. CoolSavings and TotallyFreeStuff are two of the best websites, but you may need a couple of hours to sort through the different free stuff and then enter all the information required.

Items such as car speakers may be found free on
Items such as car speakers may be found free on

Another great place for free stuff is craigslist. The online community offers everything from apartments to jobs to cars, and it also boasts an impressive section of free stuff. Craigslist is organized by city, so not matter where you live, there is probably somebody giving something away nearby. Examples include a large L-shape desk, two futons, lots of monitors and printers, car stereo speakers, a VHS Collection, and even a boat without a motor. A word of caution: scammers can use craigslist, so never send anything or give anybody private information in exchange for free stuff.

Many companies will send samples or discounts in the mail in exchange for registering online.
Many companies will send samples or discounts in the mail in exchange for registering online.

Finally, try Freecycle, an email subscription list where people post items they do not longer want. There are 4,027 Freecycle communities around the US, which means you probably live within driving distance of one of them. There are also Freecycle groups giving away free stuff in the UK, France, and Germany. Freecycle members believe that giving away free stuff is a good way of reducing waste and helping the environment. Expect a great sense of community when you join in.

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I noticed that my favorite bands will often give out free things on the Internet to help build interest in their latest tour or was the event. This is always really cool was a common listener and longtime fan because I could take advantage of following my band closely. It's almost as if they are getting back to me in a way.

Because of my numerous purchases of their problems I don't feel bad when they offer free T-shirt on the Internet to anybody who can cancer quiz correctly. I'll simply answer the quiz very quickly, and they'll ship the shirt right over to me. I think they actually know me by now but maybe that's just me hoping.

Either way I definitely got free stuff on the Internet before. Then websites are the only place I think there a few areas that you can actually get legitimate free things completely for free. Whenever I find out about these offers I always make sure I tell my friends because hey who would want to get in on a free offer is legitimate.


As a new mom I actually have found there's a lot of different things that I have gotten for free just because I was having a baby. You would be surprised how many people are willing to give things to you or be nice to you because you are either pregnant or have a newborn in your arms. While I would never want to take advantage of this absolute generosity from the majority of society, some things I will take.

A good example of this is taking someone opening the door for you as you're trying to walk through. While these things are what happens in reality and in public, the actual file of getting something for free on the Internet still frightens me. I definitely have free stuff samples and free stuff coupons offered to me, but I never really believed the validity of their offers. Free baby stuff would be great, but the reality is you really want free thanks for your baby? I personally want to make sure that my baby only has the best of the best things.


My dad always told me that if it's free don't believe them. Because of this, I've always been afraid of any kind free offer that has ever been given to me. Because of this I think I truly missed some opportunities to take, albeit maybe small, little perks in life that I would not have gotten otherwise. The problem with this is that I never know if it is real or I'm trying to be taken advantage of by somebody.

I think the best piece of advice you could take when considering whether or not to accept an offer of free stuff would be to simply follow your gut. The question is, does totally free stuff really exist. And I think it does, but it's far and few between that you actually find a legitimate offer for free things. Free stuff online is simply a fairytale.


While people always try and find free things wherever they can think they can find them, the reality is that things are free. Most things that are advertised as free on the Internet are simple scams or they require you to fill out numerous surveys that will end with a mild result will reward for you.

You can't expect real tangible products for free from the Internet unless they are extremely cheap. Shipping costs are high and because of this people don't just ship things physically. Most things that you find for free on the Internet will actually be things like songs and music or videos.

Often promotional songs will be given for free in the form of MP3 files as a means of help spreading the image of the band. Production companies and record labels are very well known for doing these current promotions. Even a popular coffee house here in the United States has been known for giving away a free song on iTunes every week.


Thanks for the helpful post. Sometimes online sites have pretty neat deals, escpecially during the holiday season.

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    • Items such as car speakers may be found free on
      By: Aleksandr Gulyayev
      Items such as car speakers may be found free on
    • Many companies will send samples or discounts in the mail in exchange for registering online.
      By: Feng Yu
      Many companies will send samples or discounts in the mail in exchange for registering online.