How do I Choose the Best Laptop Computer Case?

Choosing the best laptop computer case hinges on balancing durability, style, and functionality. Consider the level of protection needed, the materials used, and additional storage for accessories. A snug fit ensures your device's safety, while water-resistant features guard against spills. Think about your daily journey—will you brave the elements, or simply commute from desk to meeting? Ready to find your perfect match? Let's explore the options.
Katharine Swan
Katharine Swan

A good laptop computer case is important because it protects your laptop from damage, and helps you to carry it safely with you when you travel. There are different types and styles of laptop bags, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

When shopping for a laptop computer case, it is important not to confuse laptop sleeves with laptop bags. Laptop sleeves are generally just a padded, zippered case for providing a little additional padding and protection around a laptop. A laptop sleeve enables the user to put the laptop in a backpack, messenger bag, or another bag that is not actually intended to carry a computer. These bags lack the padding and protection of a laptop case, and therefore a sleeve is needed to ensure the computer is not damaged in transit.

A laptop computer.
A laptop computer.

A laptop computer case, on the other hand, is well padded and usually features smaller pockets for a cord, mouse, and other laptop accessories. Laptop cases come in a variety of sizes, and your first consideration should be making sure you get a case that is large enough for your computer and anything else you plan to carry with you regularly. At the minimum, the laptop bag should be large enough to hold your laptop, power cord, and mouse, with an additional pocket for paperwork. However, if you know you will also need to regularly carry other peripherals or a large amount of paperwork with you, be sure the case allows room for that as well.

Finding the correct size of laptop computer case can be difficult when you have a small laptop, such as a netbook. However, due to the popularity of netbooks, many manufacturers are beginning to offer a greater variety of small laptop cases, appropriate for netbooks and other small laptops.

Another factor that should be considered when shopping for a laptop computer case is the type of padding and protection the case offers. Some cases offer minimal padding, whereas others may even feature straps to hold the laptop in place. While more heavy duty protection is always best, laptop users should choose a case that best suits their needs. For instance, a laptop case that provides superior protection would be appropriate for someone who travels a lot or frequently carries their laptop from place to place, while a user who rarely transports their laptop anywhere might not need quite as heavy duty a case.

Laptop users may want to consider the different styles of laptop cases available. Some cases may be carried by the hand, like a briefcase, or over the shoulder, like a messenger bag. Students might want to consider a backpack designed for carrying a laptop; most have padding and straps to secure the laptop and protect it from getting banged around. Also, for larger laptops some users may consider luggage-style laptop cases, which have wheels and an extendable handle, ideal for transporting heavy laptops and large amounts of paperwork.

Finally, these days there are many attractive alternatives to the typical black canvas laptop computer case. Users who are interested in carrying their laptop in a stylish yet functional case need not be disappointed, as laptop cases now come in many different colors, patterns, fabrics, and trendy designs.

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    • A laptop computer.
      By: nattstudio
      A laptop computer.