How do I Convert a DVD to VHS Format?

G. Wiesen

There are a number of ways in which you can convert a DVD to VHS format, though you will typically need the proper hardware or software to make the conversion. In general, you will need a device that can play digital versatile discs (DVDs) as well as a device that can record onto video home system (VHS) tapes. You can use a single device that can play DVDs and record on VHS; this type of device may also allow you to record from VHS onto DVD as well. There is also computer equipment and software that can be used to convert a DVD to VHS.

A stack of DVDs.
A stack of DVDs.

To covert DVD to VHS, you should choose the hardware that best suits your needs. One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that DVD picture and sound quality is typically superior to the quality available on VHS. While digital VHS recordings can be quite good, you will still lose other features available on DVD recordings, such as multiple audio tracks and menus. The hardware you use to convert DVD to VHS will typically depend on your needs and the equipment you already have.

The quality of a VHS tape can't match that of a DVD.
The quality of a VHS tape can't match that of a DVD.

One of the easiest ways to convert DVD to VHS is to utilize a single device that can play and record both DVDs and VHS cassette tapes. This device will usually play both types of media, and may include a burner for DVDs as well as the ability to record onto VHS tapes. You can then insert a DVD into the device, insert a blank VHS cassette into the VHS player and recorder, and then press play on the DVD and press record on the VHS. This will convert DVD to VHS by recording the video and audio signal that is playing from the DVD; a device with a DVD burner installed will allow you to record to DVDs as well.

You can also convert DVD to VHS by using equipment and software connected to a computer. This type of equipment will usually consist of a VHS recorder that can be connected to a computer, so that the video and audio input going into the recorder are coming out from the computer. As long as the computer has a DVD player in it or connected to it, then you can play a DVD on the computer and record it onto VHS using the attached device. You may also be able to use this type of setup to convert DVD to VHS by ripping audio and video from a DVD, and then recording it to VHS directly from the computer.

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