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How do I Convert FLV to Divx?

Converting FLV to DivX is a breeze with the right software. Choose a reliable converter, upload your FLV file, select DivX as the output format, and hit convert. Within minutes, your video is ready in high-quality DivX format, ensuring compatibility and enhanced viewing. Curious about the best converters available? Let's explore your options and find the perfect tool for your needs.
Jessica Reed
Jessica Reed

To convert FLV to DivX, a computer user needs to install the proper conversion software and use it to run the conversion process on the FLV file. She can then play DivX movies on her computer or other device, such as a DivX compatible DVD player. DivX works well for converting videos into a format that takes up less room and is easier to share. It does have its disadvantages, however, because some of the original quality is lost during the compression of the video.

FLV, or Flash Video, refers to a specific video file type used by Adobe Flash Player®. Flash movies can be transferred over the Internet so viewers can access them from a website or embed the videos on their own personal web page or profile in a social networking site. Popular examples of FLV files on the Internet include videos on YouTube® and those on Google Videos®.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

DivX products are created by DivX Inc.®, including the popular DivX Codec. This software puts videos in the DivX format by compressing the larger video segments into smaller sized segments. Its popularity grows from its ability to still keep decently high quality despite the video compression process, which usually results in a loss of quality. The DivX Codec does still result in what is known as lossy compression, meaning it must sacrifice some of the original quality to create the smaller file size. The program attempts to find a balance between how much quality is lost and how much space the file takes up.

When a user needs to convert FLV to DivX, all she needs is a converter program that can convert FLV to DivX. Several freeware programs are available for downloading online. The user first installs the program onto her computer and runs it. Once it opens, she chooses the file she wants to convert and edits the settings, such as cropping the video if she only wants part of it and not the entire file.

Next, the user chooses DivX as the output format for the file and selects the FLV file as the file to convert. After she checks that she is converting the correct FLV file to DivX format, she tells the program to start the conversion. The program will then convert FLV to DivX and she can transfer it onto a DivX compatible device or save the file for use later on.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer