What are the Different Types of Blog Content?

Kristin Wood

When trying to fill a blog with content, many approaches are available. Different types of blog content include personal thoughts, specialized information and business news. Although text is the most common form of blogging, photos, audio and video can supplement as content. Many blogs present a variety of different kinds of content, although some approaches might not be appropriate for certain kinds of blogs. Bloggers usually evaluate their goals and ideal audience before choosing the blog content they want to use for their websites.

National Blog Posting Month is held each year to encourage bloggers to post more frequently.
National Blog Posting Month is held each year to encourage bloggers to post more frequently.

The initial blogs to spring up across the Internet were likened to public journals. Their content consisted of personal thoughts and life updates from the author. Although some of this blog content pulled in a large audience, especially if the author was already well-known, most of these writings were aimed for only close friends and family members.

Niche blogging began pulling in larger amounts of web traffic. These websites stuck to one specialized topic, and instead of focusing on the author, they provided useful content that was helpful for their readers. This blog content is often optimized for search engines, and it strives to become a go-to site for anyone interested in its topic.

Business blog content keeps customers informed about sales, relevant events, and other business information. The business blog can also be used to draw in new customers. Content that describes services and products can be both informative to those who don’t understand what is being offered and persuasive to those who need to understand the value of a particular professional service or product.

Multi-author content is an approach to niche and business blogs. It can make a website appear more credible by accessing several points of view. Multi-author blogs will sometimes have several writers who share the blog, each writing regular content. Others might seek guest posts from one-time writers or actively seek freelance contributions. Some blogs are submission-style, where all or a majority of the posts come from outside writers.

Photo blog content is common among travel, fashion and design websites. Although most blog posts feature at least one photo, these posts typically put most of the focus on the pictures themselves, with maybe a few lines of text as a caption. Photo content often works best when dealing with highly-visual subject matter.

Video blogging, or vlogging, offers a multimedia experience on the web. This approach can bring in readers who are unlikely to wade through large blocks of text. Video content can be superior to text when dealing with many how-to subjects. Video or audio segments could also suit a blogger who communicates better audibly rather than with written word.

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