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What are the Different Types of Facebook Games?

Facebook games offer a diverse playground, from puzzles that sharpen your mind to strategy games that challenge your leadership skills. Whether you're into farming simulations or thrilling adventures, there's a virtual world waiting for you. With social play at its core, these games connect friends and family. Ready to discover which game will become your next digital obsession?
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

The social networking website known as Facebook features more than a way to connect with friends–it is also known for a myriad of activities and Facebook games for various age groups. Some of the games Facebook offers include simulation games, card games and board games. There are several other game categories as well as applications that are designed to provide leisure time entertainment.

Facebook games feature a wide array of virtual world applications, as this is one of their more popular genres. In a virtual world game, the player may assume the task of building a town or perhaps owning a zoo or raising several pets. This genre is very similar to simulation games, which emulate activities that are done in real life, such as raising children, choosing a career or buying a home.

Some Facebook games are meant to be played alone while others are played against friends.
Some Facebook games are meant to be played alone while others are played against friends.

Educational games can be played on Facebook, although this genre is basically limited to word games and trivia. Many of these games award points to players, and others utilize a time limit. There are games that offer challenge questions with different levels to complete. Some of these word games have been known to have several thousands of players in any given month.

Blackjack can be played on Facebook.
Blackjack can be played on Facebook.

There are also several varieties of card games. There are typical casino style card games to choose from, such as Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Five Card Stud. Another popular choice for Facebook games would be Blackjack. Individuals who prefer Solitaire can most likely find different varieties by searching through the list of Facebook games.

Board games such as Mahjong and chess are a few choices that are featured on Facebook. There are several variations of Mahjong-style games in the Facebook applications. Others include checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe. Many of these board games can be played using Facebook friends as opponents.

There are many sports-style applications that are featured as Facebook games as well. Fishing, baseball, football and others make up the selection. Most of the games can be played solo or against a Facebook friend. Also in the lineup are pool, sports racing and wrestling. There are soccer games as well.

Several action and arcade-style games are featured on Facebook. Some classic games featured on this site are designed to have old-school gamers reminisce of days gone by. These may include shooter-style and fighting games. Also featured are platform games along the line of Super Mario Brothers game play.

Puzzle games make up another genre featured on Facebook. These types of games test the player's strategy and logic rather than reflexes. Some of them are similar to Tetris® in game play and basic concept. Other types of puzzle games may include balloon popping, where same-colored balloons are eliminated by placing them adjacent to each other in groups of three or more.

Some of the more in-depth and time-consuming Facebook games are role-playing games, also known as RPGs. This is where the player typically takes on the role of the hero and goes on adventures or a quest in a story-driven plot line. The setting in such games is generally fantasy-style rather than virtual world. Role-playing games became well-known with the rise of the Final Fantasy® storylines that originated back in the 1980s.

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Discussion Comments


@Iluviaporos - I think the more addictive games tend to be going out of fashion now and people prefer either simple block busting games, or multiplayer games that they can really play against their friends (rather than just sending them notifications).

I've played a few word games with my friends and it's actually a really fun thing to do. The only problem is that both of you have to be free to play it at the same time and usually my friends don't sit on Facebook all that often.


@KoiwiGal - Your friends might not know they are sending the requests. My mother plays a lot of those games and she's specifically gone into her settings and turned off the part that sends notifications to anyone who isn't also a player.

But I still occasionally will get a notification from her and a couple of times it's happened when we were in the same house. I was able to ask her whether she meant to send it, and she didn't even realize that it had been sent.

I worry more about the fact that she plays them a lot and I feel like she probably wastes too much time and what isn't even really a fun game, but I guess she's an adult and it's up to her what she wants to do with her time.


I've noticed that a lot of people who start playing those Facebook games that involve a lot of checking up and gifts from friends tend to become very annoying online because they are constantly sending notifications in order to get you to join the game.

I know it's easy to get sucked into these games, because they are based around principles of psychology in order to get people addicted, but I don't go on Facebook for them and I tend to just ban anyone who sends me constant game requests.

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    • Some Facebook games are meant to be played alone while others are played against friends.
      By: yo-
      Some Facebook games are meant to be played alone while others are played against friends.
    • Blackjack can be played on Facebook.
      By: Sharpshot
      Blackjack can be played on Facebook.