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What are the Different Types of Facebook Groups?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Since its inception, Facebook has created a variety of ways for people to communicate and share similar interests. One way to connect people with similar interests involve Facebook groups, which are pages dedicated solely to one idea, entity, person, place, or thing. Facebook groups can focus on anything the creator of the page wants to focus on, and the group page can be customized by the creator to accomplish certain goals or to simply facilitate discussion. Facebook groups have become a marketing tool on the most successful social networking site in existence.

Some Facebook groups focus on a particular product, and the page is therefore used as a marketing tool for a company or corporation. Such groups often include updates on products, special offers, and general discussion about the company. Promotional pictures, logos, and slogans are common on such pages, as are links to external websites where group users can purchase products, find more information, or access other facets of the company's brand.

Facebook groups might focus only on a person's close friends.
Facebook groups might focus only on a person's close friends.

Other Facebook groups are simply places where people with similar interests can communicate. The group can be a broad category, such as "rock music," or the name of a particular band. Fans of such music can come together to network, become friends, discuss prominent themes within the topic, and share photos, links, and other information.

The privacy settings on Facebook groups are customizable. The pages can be made public or private, which allows the creator to control who sees the content of the page. Most marketing pages, such as pages of companies, artists, and businesses, are generally set to public so that anyone with a Facebook account can join. Other groups, such as local groups or organizations, a group of friends, or other personal pages, can be set to private so that only those Facebook users who have been invited to join the page can view the content.

Facebook groups may help people organize social outings.
Facebook groups may help people organize social outings.

Activists have also taken advantage of Facebook groups to mobilize contingents of people for a variety of causes. Around election times, groups urging people to vote are quite common; environmental causes have groups on Facebook; political activists have taken advantage of the social networking tool to encourage people to join the cause. Groups on Facebook are virtually limitless, with causes and companies of all sorts taking advantage of the free service that gives them access to an audience at no charge. Groups on Facebook do not require much commitment from users, as they can join or leave a group whenever they want.

Discussion Comments


A great idea for students is to start up a Facebook group for your classes. They used to have an option where you could find other students if you typed in your course name, but unfortunately they did away with that a few years ago.

Having a Facebook group lets students stay in touch and is a great place to share notes, ideas and discuss class projects. It can also be an easy way to meet new friends in the class. This especially holds true if it is a huge lecture, and you don't get to talk to many people outside of the ten or so people that sit around you.


If you have a small business a Facebook group is a great way to promote yourself and stay in touch with your customers. I use my Facebook group to keep everyone updated on our sales and what is happening with our business.

A Facebook group is also a great launching point for your home website, as many people who are part of your group will undoubtedly visit your homepage as well.

For those who are extra savvy, Facebook advertising that leads people to your Facebook group can be a real moneymaker. Facebook has access to so much personal information that it can be used for ads directed at very specific markets, which can help your business grow.


I think that some websites and blogs have their own facebook group as well. I believe they are using it as a marketing tool, the same is true on twitter as well.

The products which are launched and new blog posts are advertised through the facebook group. They even do giveaways where the entry requirement is to join the group.


I like the environmentally conscious groups on Facebook and the groups that promote green living. I personally didn't know much about how our lifestyles were impacting the environment until I started checking out these groups on Facebook. It made me realize how little I knew and I started making some changes with my own life, like recycling and buying environmentally safe products at the store.

Considering that many of the people on Facebook are fairly young, I think that support for these groups also shows how the young generation is interesting in protecting the environment.

It's also a good way to learn about government policies. If there is going to be a law passed in Congress that's going to directly or indirectly affect the environment negatively, you will probably hear it from these groups and can even show support to stop it. These groups make awareness much more easier by informing us about these important events and policies. I think it's great.


I follow several groups on Facebook that were created by fans of a particular celebrity. The person who started the group is the administrator but he or she can add additional administrators, and there are usually more than one. The administrators can decide what the rules of the group will be and they monitor the group to make sure that there isn't spam or inappropriate content in it. They also warn members who might be writing rude or abusive comments.

I enjoy following these celebrity fan groups because I don't have time to keep up with what that celebrity is doing, their concerts and personal life. Being a member of a group like this keeps you updated and you can see recent photos and will hear about their videos right away. It's also nice that I can share my opinions and ask questions there. Since everyone has the same interest in the group, I think we understand each other well and can have really fun conversations.

These celebrity fan groups are one of the main reasons why I am on facebook and stay on it.

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    • Facebook groups might focus only on a person's close friends.
      By: berc
      Facebook groups might focus only on a person's close friends.
    • Facebook groups may help people organize social outings.
      By: bokan
      Facebook groups may help people organize social outings.
    • Some Facebook groups might focus on flirting and making romantic connections.
      By: SolisImages
      Some Facebook groups might focus on flirting and making romantic connections.