What Are the Different Types of Mobile Computer Software?

Mobile computer software comes in various forms, from essential operating systems that power our devices to specialized apps that cater to our individual needs. Whether it's productivity suites, social media platforms, or immersive games, each type serves a unique purpose in our digital lives. How does each type enhance your mobile experience? Join us as we uncover their roles.
Helen Akers
Helen Akers

Depending on the device, mobile computer software can include the traditional software applications found on a desktop PC. These software types include an operating system, business productivity applications and Internet browsers. Mobile applications geared towards specific uses are also common. These applications include games, music, social networking and scheduling tools.

The number of mobile computer software applications continues to expand as the popularity of mobile devices increases. Smartphone applications are developed for quick access to just about every major website or Internet-based service. Many of these applications are geared towards news, entertainment and social networking. A variety of social networking applications installed on mobile devices allow users to interact with the site's main platform.

Smartphone apps are one type of mobile computer software.
Smartphone apps are one type of mobile computer software.

Users can gain full functionality, type in status updates and share links on several different social networking sites. They may be able to chat with other users from their mobile devices, usually through the social networking site's chat features. Some smartphones come equipped with an exclusive chat or instant messenger feature that can be used by those who own a certain phone brand. Other smartphones feature certain exclusive applications related to music or digital photo galleries.

Software may be specifically designed for tablet PCs.
Software may be specifically designed for tablet PCs.

Music applications that store and download digital music files are another type of mobile computer software. Besides digital music libraries and players, applications may include access to satellite or Internet radio. Several mobile phones feature both options and allow users to share and transfer files to other computers that have the same application. For example, if an individual has certain MP3 music files stored in an online digital music library, he may be able to access them from the mobile phone application and listen to them from his smart phone.

A popular category of mobile computer software is productivity and scheduling tools. This category includes calendars, light word processors, e-mail and light storage applications. Users may be able to store sensitive information, a set of phone numbers or a series of to-do lists. Mobile computer software packages that fall under this category may allow individuals to access online e-mail accounts and integrate appointment calendars from other desktop computers they may own.

Games are a trendy form of mobile computer software applications. Many mobile devices come equipped with one-touch access to online gaming sites and give users the ability to download games. Traditional games that are popular with stand alone gaming devices are available as well as Internet-exclusive titles.

As mobile devices grow more sophisticated, many of them are coming out with their own operating systems. Some devices come equipped with traditional operating systems that are seen on desktop PCs. Others are lighter versions of well-known systems, while some are developed for use with a specific brand or line of devices.

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    • Smartphone apps are one type of mobile computer software.
      By: N-Media-Images
      Smartphone apps are one type of mobile computer software.
    • Software may be specifically designed for tablet PCs.
      By: Ariwasabi
      Software may be specifically designed for tablet PCs.