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What are Web Templates?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

A web template is a pre-designed webpage that only lacks content and photos. Web templates reduce or eliminate the need for a professional webpage designer. Many basic web templates are free online, while others are reasonably priced when compared to the cost of hiring a web design studio. Website owners can search for web templates that appeal to them by looking at images on vendor's sites. When choosing a web template, the owner will want to make sure it has the functionality required, as web templates vary widely.

The first step in creating a webpage is to design a layout. This will involve choosing various fonts, frames, graphics, a color scheme and basic functionality. The next step is creating this design in an HTML editor, which can require a great deal of skill. The final step is to add the content — the actual text and images.

A web template takes care of the first two steps automatically. By loading the template into an HTML editor, text and images can be added to the ready-made pages. Usually, a number of page template options are available.

Prices on templates vary depending on the degree of complexity. Also, some web templates come only with the home page and its font set. The user must create all additional pages.

Web templates are predesigned and only lack content, such as text and photos.
Web templates are predesigned and only lack content, such as text and photos.

For those who have a solid working knowledge of HTML, duplicating the home page then editing it to serve as a template for additional HTML-pages might be doable. For those with less advanced HTML skills, extended template packages that come with the home page and an additional HTML-page are usually available. The additional page can be duplicated and will require very little editing.

Users with no HTML knowledge may want to hire a web designer. These experts can load the text and images into the template, and create any additional pages required. This will still be a great savings over having the web designer create the entire site. A web template may require additional software such as Adobe® Photoshop®, so be sure to check before purchasing a template. All web templates will require an HTML editor in order to add text and images.

If the creator is concerned that by using a template, he or she will not be getting a unique website, he or she may want to consider that over half a billion websites exist, and countless templates are available from various vendors. The odds are nearly astronomical that a surfer would visit two sites that are using the same template. Additionally, the graphics and content will customize the template to some degree, and with minimal knowledge of HTML it is easy to customize the template further by changing the color scheme or fonts.

While HTML editors are available to everyone, few can invest the considerable time required to learn advanced website design. This area has grown increasingly complicated with scripting languages that can perform various tasks, plug-ins that can add impressive effects, and an entire array of HTML tools that can add functionality for visitor and webmaster alike. Web templates attempt to make affordable professional-looking websites available to everyone, and they just might be key to get a website off the ground and running!

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    • Web templates are predesigned and only lack content, such as text and photos.
      By: vetkit
      Web templates are predesigned and only lack content, such as text and photos.