What is a Cell Phone Faceplate?

A. Martin

A cell phone faceplate is a snap-on device that covers the exterior of a cell phone. These covers are made from durable material, usually plastic, and serve as protection and decoration to the cell phone. A cell phone faceplate can prevent external damage that can occur from dropping or scraping a phone, and it can also cover existing cracks and scratches on the surface of the cell phone. Some faceplates are even waterproof to prevent damage from contact with water, be it rain water or toilet water.

Cell phone faceplates are popular with younger users as a way to personalize their device.
Cell phone faceplates are popular with younger users as a way to personalize their device.

A cell phone faceplate is more convenient than the slip-on versions of cell phone protectors. To begin with, they do not interfere with the use of the buttons or any flip-action components the phone may have. Faceplates come in different shapes and sizes depending on the phone for which it was made. The thin, solid material is fabricated to the phone’s specifications so that it fits securely onto the natural outline of the phone without hindering the use of the phone. Furthermore, a faceplate effortlessly attaches to the phone with a simple snap, as opposed to sliding plastic tightly over the whole phone. This user-friendly element is beneficial for being able to change the cover easily as well.

Cell phone faceplates might convey different emotions and personalities.
Cell phone faceplates might convey different emotions and personalities.

While the practical uses for a faceplate are obvious and beneficial, most users enjoy the aesthetic features of the covers. They are far more exciting than the leather and thin plastic slipcovers that once protected cell phones in the 1990s, which resemble pocket protectors more than making a fashion statement. The options available for the faceplates are nearly unlimited. Faceplates come in every color imaginable: prints range from flames to polka dots to animal print and everything in between. Finishes can be glossy, matte, textured, or more, and rhinestones, gems, or glitter are available additions as well.

A cell phone faceplate can be tv, movie, or music themed, switched daily to match outfits, or used to make a personal statement. Some manufacturers even offer the option to allow the cell phone user to custom design their own faceplate. This option allows artists to craft their own creation and people with special interests to display it. This feature of the faceplate creates yet another way to individualize the cell phone, among the other choices available such as ringtones, wallpaper, and screensavers. In the end, cell phone faceplates are a way to personalize a device that is manufactured on a large scale and that is made simply for communication purposes.

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These are not face plates. Face plates and cases are two different things. A face plate only covers the face of the phone, not including buttons and viewable portion of screen. A case covers everything around the phone, not including the face plate.

There is a kiosk at my mall that sells nothing but cell phone faceplate covers. They have hundreds of different designs.

This year for Christmas I got my whole family faceplates. For Dad there was a Chiefs faceplate, for my sister I got Zebra print, and my mom got a kind of neon pink one. They loved them!


Is there a site online or some store where you can design your own cell phone faceplate and have it printed up? I have a really cool idea for a design, but it is not like anything I have seen in stores. The only way I could get it would be to make it myself, but obviously I don't have the stuff I need to do something like that.

I got a cool faceplate that makes my phone look like a cassette tape. It also has a white strip so you can write in whatever tape name you want it to be. I chose one of my favorite albums from a time when I owned a lot of tapes; The Replacements Let It Be.
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