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What is a Computer Backpack?

A computer backpack is a specialized rucksack designed to protect and carry laptops and tech gear with dedicated compartments. It combines functionality with comfort, ensuring your valuable devices stay safe on the go. Ergonomic features and robust materials are key. Want to discover the perfect blend of style and security for your tech essentials? Let's explore the best options together.
R. Kayne
R. Kayne

A computer backpack is a handy way to carry your notebook or laptop computer. These backpacks are specially designed to hold and protect your computer while providing padding for comfort and styling for convenience.

With the advent of miniaturized technology coupled with today's busy lifestyles, many people have made the switch from desktops to laptops, forgoing a traditional system all together. Notebook or laptop computers are every bit as robust as desktop systems, with the added feature of portability.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

While a briefcase style computer tote bag has its place and purpose among business people and boardrooms, there are many advantages to a computer backpack for the average consumer. Lugging your computer around in a briefcase can cause symptoms similar to tennis-elbow, and the case must be set down to free your hands for transactions. Whenever the computer is released from your immediate possession there is always the chance it might be forgotten or stolen. A computer backpack leaves your hands free while your computer stays safely secured against your back. A computer backpack also eliminates the risk of developing tennis-elbow for those who transport their laptops on a daily basis.

When traveling, a computer backpack allows you to hand-carry additional luggage, and for students navigating a campus, any books or materials that cannot share your computer backpack with your laptop can be easily carried.

A computer backpack is balanced nicely and sits on the back comfortably without bumping or rubbing. There are plenty of internal and external pockets for everything you might need to take along, from memory sticks to PCMCIA cards, to power packs and external drives and media. It will even have a cell phone pocket. Your day planner, highlighters, favorite pens and MP3 player will also find safe storage.

A computer backpack is a nicely made product that is closer to a piece of luggage in quality and styling than a simple backpack. It has two main purposes and serves both well: to protect your personal office and allow an easy way to transport it in comfort.

Computer backpacks vary widely in styles and features, and start at about $69 (US dollars). They can be purchased at computer outlets everywhere including from many online retailers.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer