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What is a Digital Notepad?

Derek Schauland
Derek Schauland

A digital notepad is a device that brings the best of the paper notepad and computer aided notes together. Sometimes called cyberpads, these notebooks are tablets that plug into your PC and allow the notes stored on them to be transferred to your computer for archival or further modification.

A digital notepad contains a fixed amount of memory or allows memory to be added via a card slot and has rechargeable batteries. Anything written or drawn on the surface of the pad is stored in the device’s memory. When plugged into a computer via a USB cable, the stored notes can then be transferred to the computer for storage or email to a colleague.

Digitable notepads are more portable than laptops.
Digitable notepads are more portable than laptops.

This device works similarly to a paper based notepad because it will allow any type of handwriting or drawings to be stored and transferred to a computer. This may be a very handy tool for an artist wanting to sketch computer ready designs or even for an executive looking for a fast and easy method to take notes in meetings. The digital notepad is a great piece of hardware to help avoid retyping the notes from the weekly sales meeting to get them onto a computer or prepare them for email to the meeting attendees.

Digital notepads are smaller than laptops.
Digital notepads are smaller than laptops.

The appeal of digital notepads is simple; they are smaller and lighter than a laptop while at the same time providing digital data storage for later use. They come in many different sizes ranging from 4”X6” to 9”x12”. Many of these cyberpads often come with their own software to allow for easier data transfer between them and a connected computer.

The adjustment between paper and digital should not be too difficult for any user because a digital notepad is not a laptop. It is a storage device that eliminates the need to re-enter or type notes taken in meetings and should make working with typically paper based documents even easier and less of a hassle.

Some digital notepad devices will also work when connected to a computer. This will allow a user to modify photos or drawings on the computer using the tablet technology, which can provide a much greater deal of control and precision.

When looking for a digital notepad, keep an eye on the type of memory used as well as the price. It is often best to find devices with similar memory styles to help eliminate the need to purchase extra memory just for one device. Looking around on the Internet might also help to keep the cost of the notepad more affordable than purchasing the latest and greatest product.

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@anon66903: You can replace it buy buying new ones. usually the pens do last a long time and some notepads come with extras. the paper you use is just regular paper.

@lerwin: Only if the notepad can be used while connected to a computer.

@anon25192: Yes, you can use it like this.


can I draw and rub out with a digital pen on a digital notepad?


question can you upload a spreadsheet into the note pad or out of the note pad


What about the pen & ink? How do I replace it? And do I need to use special paper?


Can I use a Digital notepad like a Marker Board for teaching class that I can project on the screen for all to see? Example: Real time math problem tof teaching1


Have you ever heard of these being used by children who have not developed keyboard skills yet? I would like our school's K-3 students to have e-pals. Would a digital notepad make it possible to send their own writings and drawings without having to scan?

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    • Digitable notepads are more portable than laptops.
      By: sepy
      Digitable notepads are more portable than laptops.
    • Digital notepads are smaller than laptops.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      Digital notepads are smaller than laptops.