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What is a Flash Drive Wristband?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A flash drive wristband is a technological gadget that serves as a fashion accessory while also providing a piece of portable memory storage for computer files. The device allows a person to carry a flash drive with him or her without having to hold it or keep it in his or her pocket. This can be quite helpful for someone who carries essential files and documents on a flash drive, and will allow the person to keep the drive with him or her without the need to constantly remember it. The flash drive can come in a variety of memory sizes and styles for both fashionable and merely pragmatic purposes.

Meant to be worn on a person’s wrist, while still accessible as a piece of computer technology, a flash drive wristband can be made from materials like plastic or leather. A basic plastic flash drive wristband is usually designed so that the drive is on one end of the band, with a cavity in the other end that it can be inserted into. This allows the band to be closed around a person’s wrist for wearing, then opened and easily inserted into a computer’s universal serial bus (USB) port for access to the stored data.

Flash drives may be stored on a flash drive wristband.
Flash drives may be stored on a flash drive wristband.

Other, more aesthetic, styles of wristbands can be made from leather and do not necessarily incorporate the flash drive directly into the band itself. Though some leather wristbands will include the metallic flash drive as part of the clasp, other types will be more ornamental in using the drive. This type of flash drive wristband will typically have an area that sits on the wrist like a watch or bracelet, and this part is a removable flash drive. While this does not have a direct impact on the usefulness of the drive, it tends to make the wrist band resemble jewelry and be a more commonly worn accessory. Such styles may be popular especially among those who work in technological or computer industries, or for someone who wants to wear an otherwise unusual piece of jewelry.

Just like other types of portable drives, flash drive wristbands allow for various memory sizes. These can range from a single gigabyte (GB) of data to 8 or more GB of memory storage. Since some styles of flash drive wristband also allow the easy removal of the drive itself, it is also possible to upgrade or replace a lost or damaged flash drive with a new one without completely replacing the wristband itself.

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@fBoyle-- I wouldn't recommend the plastic rubber flash drive wristbands. I had one and I lost it after three days. It must have slipped off while I was working. I didn't even notice and I never found it.

If you want a flash drive wristband that's comfortable, durable and high quality, get ready to pay twice as much as a regular flash drive. The best USB flash drives in the shape of a wristband on the market are the leather ones. They are more durable than the rubber ones and if it comes with a clasp, it's unlikely to fall off.

But even with these I've read customer reviews that said the pieces fell off or it was just too bulky and uncomfortable.

I've yet to encounter a flash drive wristband that I would be completely satisfied with. If anyone has, I would love to know about it as well.


@fBoyle-- I have a plastic flash drive wristband. The plastic is not flimsy but I have a thin wrist and it does slip off my wrist if I keep it on for a long time. I don't think most people will have a problem with this though.

Aside from this, I think it works just fine. Mine is just 4GB, but I'm sure you can find one with more space. It's also very affordable and looks like the bracelets people wear to show they support various causes.

So I think fashion wise you will be happy with a plastic flash drive wristband. But maybe you should buy it at a store and try one on before purchasing to see if it will fit your wrist or not.

I have a friend who bought these flash drives in bulk as Christmas gifts for his friends, family and coworkers.


I'm an IT guy and always carry a flash drive with me. I've lost a couple because I carried them in my pockets. The last flash drive I got had a string that goes around the neck. I didn't lose it but I look like a fool wearing it.

I'm thinking of getting a flash drive wristband but I'm not sure of the quality. The ones I saw online, especially the plastic ones seem flimsy. They look as if they would separate and fall off my wrist or just break down. I need a USB flash with 8GB space minimum and it needs to be sturdy too.

Does anyone use a flash drive wristband?

What's your opinion of it? Do you recommend that I get one? And if so, which kind?

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    • Flash drives may be stored on a flash drive wristband.
      By: Nomad_Soul
      Flash drives may be stored on a flash drive wristband.