What is a Sales PowerPoint® Presentation?

D. Jeffress

PowerPoint® is a computer program created by Microsoft® that guides users in the creation of slideshow presentations. The application is commonly used in business as a means of visually presenting sales figures and information. Users can create slideshows of any desired length, complete with graphs, charts, text, video, and audio. A sales PowerPoint® presentation might be given in person at a business meeting or made available to coworkers and clients over the Internet.

Pie charts may be utilized to to help executives visualize business information.
Pie charts may be utilized to to help executives visualize business information.

A businessperson can use a sales PowerPoint® presentation to introduce information in a clear, interesting manner. The program features a tool for creating graphs and charts of all types. A person can represent monthly sales figures in a detailed line graph, or compare year-to-year statistics in a colorful, labeled bar graph. Pie charts and other graphical designs are commonly used to help executives visualize information such as spending data and profit margins.

Sales PowerPoint presentations may be made with the assistance of a digital projector.
Sales PowerPoint presentations may be made with the assistance of a digital projector.

PowerPoint® comes equipped with templates and help features to guide users through the creation of new slideshows. An individual can select the color, background, and style of each new slide, and view typed information exactly how it will appear in the final presentation. A user is given options to choose the size, alignment, and font type for headings and text. Additional PowerPoint® help features explain how to insert graphics and diagrams into slides. The intuitive, easy-to-navigate software makes it possible for even a novice computer user to create an attractive sales PowerPoint® presentation.

A more experienced, computer-savvy individual can utilize advanced features to design a complex sales PowerPoint® presentation. An expert user can import text, graphics, and charts from other sources. Animated text or figures can be added to make a presentation more visually exciting or explanatory. A businessperson may also wish to integrate multimedia like audio and video clips into a sales PowerPoint® presentation.

A sales PowerPoint® presentation is often given in a meeting or conference room to a live audience. Digital projectors or specialized audiovisual equipment can be used to sync a computer with a large screen so that attendees can clearly see the presentation. The individual who is giving the slideshow can advance slides manually or set PowerPoint® to automatically move forward at a preset speed. It is usually possible to return to previous slides at any time during the presentation to reexamine data or answer questions.

The creator of a sales presentation can also save it to a hard drive or external memory source so that it may be sent to others electronically. Individuals who have PowerPoint® installed on their computers can open email attachments and view presentations at their convenience, instead of attending physical meetings. They can save and edit a received slideshow as appropriate, and provide feedback for the creator in follow-up communications.

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