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What is Slideshow Presentation Software?

Slideshow presentation software is a digital tool that allows users to create visually engaging presentations by combining text, images, and multimedia elements. It's widely used in educational, business, and personal settings to convey information in a structured and impactful way. Ready to transform your ideas into captivating slides? Discover how the right software can elevate your presentation game.
S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Slideshow presentation software is software that enables users to present information in the form of a slide show. Typically, slideshow presentation software allows the presenter to display information on a large screen behind him while he manipulates the information through a computer. Presentation software is ideal for a presenter interested in adding a visual component to an audio-heavy presentation such as a lecture.

Slideshow presentations were once used with actual slide projectors, but as technological developments in personal computers evolved, programs for these computers did, too. Presentation software is now available to be used by virtually any user on either PC or Mac computers. Some popular slideshow presentation software choices include Microsoft PowerPoint, Impress, Google Presentation and Apple's Keynote. Because of its ubiquity, many people refer to general slideshow presentation software as simply "PowerPoint." While Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the most widely known presentation software on the market, its alternatives are no less viable and deciding which presentation software to use can, in many ways, just come down to personal preference.

Slideshow presentation software offers graphics and a multimedia experience.
Slideshow presentation software offers graphics and a multimedia experience.

Despite the different brands and programs available on the market, almost every example of slideshow presentation software boasts three main components: text insertion and editing, image insertion and manipulation and a feature that allows both the text and images to be presented in a slideshow. Users can insert text to modify or compliment their presentations or to remind attendees of main presentation points. Similarly, personal images or stock images like clip art can be inserted into the presentation to help attendees visualize the text-based information. Displaying the information in a slideshow allows the presenter to supplement his presentation with a tool that is likely to keep the attendees' attention.

A projector may be needed during a slideshow presentation.
A projector may be needed during a slideshow presentation.

Slideshow presentation software gives presenters more control over their presentations. They may only proceed to a subsequent slide after his or her points have been made clear, all discussions have taken place and any questions have been answered. In addition, the dynamism that slideshow presentation software provides in a presentation setting may give the presentation a more interactive feel. Standard supplemental tools like paper handouts, chalkboards, posters and flip charts can be abandoned with the proper use of slideshow presentation software. For example, presenters who wish to give attendees a physical supplemental tool may decide to print out their slides and hand them out to attendees so that they can refer to individual slides during any part of the presentation.

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Discussion Comments


@qwertyq – Just type “free online slideshow presentation software” into a search engine, then read the descriptions. You’ll find plenty to choose from.

There’s a really cool one, but I can’t remember what’s it’s called. It uses vector graphics to make zooming presentations. So, instead of just clicking through a bunch of boring slides, you can zoom in really close on the first “slide” to reveal the next “slide”!

You can also pan over to show the next slide. You can add animation, too. It’s hard to describe, since it’s a new concept, but it’s so cool!

The only bad thing about it is there’s a learning curve. I still haven’t figured out how to make presentations like the ones on the software’s website. I’m so used to the click-button-to-show-the-next-slide type of presentations that it’s hard for me to get the hang of a presentation software that zooms and pans.


Where can I find free slideshow presentation software? It’s for a school project. An online one would be best, because that way I don’t have to tote a thumb drive around with me all the way to school.


My favorite way to give a slideshow presentation is to present one that only has pictures, sound, and video. I hardly ever put text in my presentations. I make my living teaching adult education classes in my dining room. I’ve found that having text all over the place just makes people fall asleep. It bores me to death, too.

My students prefer a text free presentation because it feels more like a one on one conversation. They feel free to ask questions and interact with me during the lecture. Everyone’s grades have improved because they have more fun during class, now.

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    • Slideshow presentation software offers graphics and a multimedia experience.
      By: maxoidos
      Slideshow presentation software offers graphics and a multimedia experience.
    • A projector may be needed during a slideshow presentation.
      By: eillen1981
      A projector may be needed during a slideshow presentation.