What is Video Presentation Software?

Mary Elizabeth

Video may refer to a movie clip in a variety of formats, including computer files such as AVI, WMV, FLV, and MPEG. Video presentation software is software through which video can be presented or by means of which a video presentation can be prepared: in some cases, this could be one and the same application. Video presentation software is used to present video on computer desktops and online as well as to project presentations incorporating video. The presentations made with video presentation software may be solely in the video format or may combine video with other types of presentation.

Video presentation software may be uploaded onto a digital projector.
Video presentation software may be uploaded onto a digital projector.

Apple iMovie® is an example of the type of video presentation software in which one can create a video presentation. After adding media including images, video clips, and audio tracks, it is possible to edit them in various ways, as well as add segues between material. The program also provides a variety of export options to create a video presentation that can then be played using other software.

Visual Communicator® from Adobe is a video presentation software aimed at helping the user to create a video in which he or she features in a newscast-style presentation. The supplied elements, including graphics, titles, music all work towards this particular focus. The program also features a teleprompter and the ability to convert a slide-type presentation to a narrated video.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® is multifaceted video presentation software that the user can use both as a development tool and a presentation tool. The unit of a PowerPoint® presentation is the slide. The slides can contain text, images, audio, or video. If video is contained in a slide, it can be played in the course of a presentation. A series of slides with text and images can be linked to a voiceover and the whole made into a movie. Keynote® is an Apple presentation software with similar features to PowerPoint®. Open Office™ Impress™ is a free, open-source presentation application.

Apple® QuickTime® and Microsoft® Windows Media® Player are both proprietary video presentation products. They can both play audio and video and are capable of some basic editing functions. And they are capable of playing a certain selection of file types and converting files within limits.

Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth

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