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What are Laptop Stands?

Laptop stands are ergonomic tools designed to elevate your laptop to eye level, reducing neck strain and improving posture. They enhance airflow, keeping your device cool, and often feature adjustable angles for optimal comfort. With a variety of styles, they cater to different needs and workspaces. How might a laptop stand transform your work-from-home setup? Let's find out together.
R. Kayne
R. Kayne

Laptop stands provide a mobile desktop on which to set a notebook or laptop computer. Laptop stands are ideal for insurance adjusters, network administrators, law enforcement, paralegals, civil engineers, traveling executives, and anyone whose job involves mobility. Laptop stands are also convenient at home, providing a flexible work area that can be disassembled and put away in seconds.

There are a variety of models of laptop stands to choose from. The basic design is a small desktop with three to four legs that either are telescopic or can fold away. Most legs are height-adjustable. The top can vary from roughly the same size as a standard notebook, to something a little larger. Many feature a bottom lip to keep pens and paper in place.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

If you are among those that require a little extra space for a printer, external device, or workpad, you're all set. To meet these needs, there are laptop stands that feature a slide-out or swivel shelf and an articulated arm for holding paperwork in an upright position. For executives or technicians on the move, there are laptop stands that fold up small enough to carry in a laptop case. When you're working at a client's site, a laptop stand provides a personal workspace so you don't have to invade client space.

Airports often afford long periods of downtime that can be utilized for working. Some laptop stands are built into the back handle of luggage carriers. Simply extend the handle up, flip out the tabletop, and drop down an expandable leg. With the laptop fully supported, one can comfortably talk on the phone and type unimpeded without juggling the computer.

Laptop stands that are built into wheeled luggage carriers can also double as a personal tabletop on which to set coffee or a meal. If traveling with the family, use it for a game of cards or a storage place for miscellaneous items, rather than sitting them on a chair where they might be forgotten. When it's time to go, the laptop stand folds away in seconds. One such patented model is even integrated into a 22-inch (56 cm) wheeled carry-on.

Insurance adjusters can find laptop stands very convenient when writing up a claim while surveying damage in a garage, business, parking lot, or residence. Adjusting the stand tall enough to use while standing makes it easy to place anywhere. Computer technicians can "set up shop" instantly and move to each new computer, office, or location as needed without wasting time at each stop looking for desktop space.

At home, many people are gravitating away from space-consuming desktop systems to laptops. Laptop stands allow choice of where one would like to use his or her computer. One day it might be the den, the next day, the living room. Company coming? Just fold it up and slide it away.

Laptop stands are available from a variety of vendors depending on the model. Stands integrated into luggage carriers are available at some luggage outlets, while standard laptop stands are often available from computer stores. There is also a variety to chose from online.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer