What Is WAP TV?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Wireless application protocol, or WAP TV is a type of application that enables users to access classic television programming that is broadcast over the Internet, making it possible to view that programming using some type of desktop or laptop computer, an Internet enabled tablet, or even a mobile device such as a phone that is equipped with Internet capability. The idea behind this type of application is to allow end users to access the programming via these various devices, effectively letting them watch television just about anywhere. As the name implies, WAP TV makes use of wireless connections to allow those users to access and view the available programming.

A tablet computer might be used to view programming with WAP TV.
A tablet computer might be used to view programming with WAP TV.

Considered an open source application, WAP TV does require the use of a browser that is configured to support wireless application protocol television applications. Many of the operating systems and browsers released since the dawn of the 21st century will support this type of wireless data stream, with the newer browser options allowing for greater clarity of sound and video as part of the transmission process. Even browsers created for use with tablets are usually configured for this type of activity, sometimes requiring that the user download proprietary software portals to receive programming from authorized sources.

The benefit of WAP TV is the ability to use mobile devices to enjoy a wide range of programming options with a quality that is very similar to that of watching programs on a high definition television set. Depending on the application used, it is possible to connect with and watch live television broadcasts on channels around the world, without the need for paying subscriber fees or other charges that are found with other types of online viewing services. When coupled with the fact that the viewing is managed with the aid of a mobile device, WAP TV offers a means of enjoying news reports from around the world as well as sampling the entertainment options available in a number of countries.

Mobile service providers can verify if the browser included as part of the programming on a handheld device will allow for the use of WAP TV. Depending on the configuration and resources associated with the device, it may be possible to download a different browser that is capable of receiving wireless application protocol television. Service providers can aid consumers in selecting mobile units that are capable of receiving WAP TV and in some cases aid in upgrading service and equipment options so that an existing mobile device can be configured to allow for this type of program reception.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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I like the idea of being able to watch old TV shows whenever I want. One of the things I enjoy about music sites on the Internet is that I can go online and find old songs from my teenage years. I can browse and play songs and videos that I had forgotten about. Without the access I have to them on the Internet, I would most likely never have heard many of the songs again.


I don't have any first-hand experience with WAP mobile TV, but I have heard friends talking about it. According to what I read here, it sounds like this will be great. I sometimes wonder what TV in other countries is like and now I will be able to sample shows from around the world and not have to pay a fortune.

Watching TV from other places is a good way to learn about the people who live there. This is just another way technology is making the world a smaller place.

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