What are the Different Types of Email Campaign?

Harriette Halepis

An email campaign, also referred to as email marketing, is a type of marketing plan focused upon gaining customer attention through email. There are numerous ways to begin an email campaign, though some methods prove to be more effective than others. Most experts agree that there are three main campaign plans that will help any individual or company effectively advertise a product or service.

Email campaigns may be automatically sent out to subscribers.
Email campaigns may be automatically sent out to subscribers.

Many companies rely upon an email campaign that features "top products" or "best products." These emails include lists of products that have been chosen by the company issuing the email. When a potential customer opens this type of email, they will see the list of products,along with Internet links that can be easily accessed. As soon as a customer clicks on a link, he or she will be taken to a corresponding product page. This email tactic only works if a company has adequately set up a selling page complete with a secure payment system.

Many nonprofit groups run email campaigns designed to reach their constituents.
Many nonprofit groups run email campaigns designed to reach their constituents.

Another way to capture the attention of a new customer is to offer customers a "how to" email. These emails include information on how to complete a task or project with ease. Since customers are often interested in how to better their lives, these emails are highly effective. By simply including a company product as part of a "how to" email, customers frequently become interested in the topic product. While these emails do work rather well, it is important that the content of an email be filled with informative information that is truly useful. Otherwise, the likelihood that a customer will open and read a future "how to" email will be greatly diminished.

Numerous companies often comprise "top ten" emails that seem to capture the attention of any recipient. By placing the words "top ten" amidst a subject line, readers are often intrigued enough to open an email. The email itself can consist of any top ten list ranging from top ten products to top ten crucial services. As long as this type of email is filled with useful information, a company may be able to capture a new customer by using a top ten email campaign.

The main thing to remember when creating any kind of email campaign is to avoid adding useless information. While it may be possible to coerce a potential customer into opening and email with a catchy subject line, many customers will become aggravated with emails that do not contain important information. Instead, create an innovative subject line that has an informative email body attached to it.

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