What are the Different Types of Email Marketing Campaign?

Contel Bradford

An email marketing campaign is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing. While more advanced methods have come along, it can still be very effective provided the right approach and tools are utilized. There are many different types of email marketing campaigns that be launched by those who want to use the electronic mail system to reach their audience. All marketers to tend to have their preferred method.

Spam messages are unsolicited bulk e-mails sent to people who did not request to receive such e-mail.
Spam messages are unsolicited bulk e-mails sent to people who did not request to receive such e-mail.

An opt-in email marketing campaign involves distributing mail to a list of subscribers that have agreed to receive it from a particular company. Though mainly leveraged by ecommerce stores, it can prove beneficial to almost any online business. With opt-in email marketing, a business can keep its customers up to date on the latest products or services, as well as special offers and discounts. Several marketers attest that the most difficult aspect of such a campaign is composing a quality list of subscribers.

There is a very fine line between legitimate bulk email marketing campaigns and spam.
There is a very fine line between legitimate bulk email marketing campaigns and spam.

Bulk email also represents a type of email marketing campaign commonly used to promote online businesses. Often facilitated through an email blast service or specialize software, bulk email typically involves simultaneously sending messages to a large mailing list of subscribers. This is generally an affordable way to reach a vast number of potential customers, but there are some notable disadvantages. There is a very fine line between a legitimate bulk email campaign and spam. Identifying this, and staying on the right side of it, is what usually enables marketers to achieve positive results.

Newsletter marketing is often viewed as one of the most effective of all email marketing campaigns. This is primarily because someone who subscribed for a newsletter is more likely to read it, whereas a message distributed through another type of email marketing may get deleted without the recipient even opening it. Newsletters offer the ability to combine various techniques into a single package, allowing a business to drive its marketing message home, whether it involves promoting products and services, or simply keeping customers updated on the latest company news.

An email marketing campaign can make a great first step for the business that wishes to encourage dialogue with its audience, or deliver a message to the market. All campaigns, however, must obtain the maximum email delivery and high open rates, which basically means that the intended recipients are both receiving and reading the mail. Many successful email marketers agree that this the best way to ensure a successful campaign.

Many nonprofit organizations run email fundraising campaigns as a marketing strategy.
Many nonprofit organizations run email fundraising campaigns as a marketing strategy.

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Oasis11 - I agree with you. I also wanted to say that some newspaper sites on the internet will not allow you to view an entire article or even look at all of the comments listed from the article unless you register your personal information with them.

I suppose this is in effort to perform some form of online email marketing campaign on the people registered on the site.

I have to say that when a company requests this information it sort of puts me off a bit even if the registration is free. I know that some job posting sites are like this too while other job posting sites do not require the reader to register with them in order to see the available jobs posted.

This makes me want to focus on the sites that do not require registration because I don’t want to get a ton of emails every day which is really why I hesitate.


@Cupcake15 -I also enjoy newsletters. I think that target email marketing campaigns like this offer the customer a chance to learn more about the product. Sometimes the newsletters will contain information on upcoming products that would complement the purchases that I already made.

I think that one of the email marketing best practices has to come from a book retailer that sends me emails whenever my favorite authors are about to come out with a new book. I really love this because I don't always have the time to research this information on the internet.


I love getting newsletters by email especially when they offer additional recipes or tips on how to do something better. This type of email marketing offers more value to the customer because it is educating them and showing them how to fully take advantage of their product or service or offer some tip that will enhance the customer’s perception of the company.

There is one company in particular that offers me newsletters on the trends in their particular field and what most of their customers are considering. This keeps me up to date on the industry and I really prefer it.

I usually ignore a bulk email marketing campaign, but I always look at newsletters. I like receiving more information on the product or service. Some of these newsletters also offer an invitation to join a forum which is also nice because you get to discuss the products and the best practices with other likeminded consumers.

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